Put it all Back

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Moving a bed to another room sounded like a good idea. The bed is much too heavy for this old lady to move. I had the not so, bright idea of just moving the mattress, with thoughts of getting someone to help move the bed later.

After two nights of sleeping on that mattress, which by the way was comfortable, the second night didn’t work out so well. You see, at my age getting up and down from a mattress on the floor is not all that easy, especially when you have three or four urgent calls to the bathroom. After the fourth time of getting up I said to myself “This is not going to work”.

The thought also crossed my mind if at some point I couldn’t get up off that mattress, what a predicament I would be in. I would not like that mattress on the floor so much if that happened.

After moving furniture and a television so the mattress would have a place on the floor, I was up at 4:00 a.m. the second morning putting it all back where it was before I had my not so bright idea.

I love retirement and living in the golden years. Sometimes I think I can do things that my body and its functions decides it is just not as excited as I am about some of my bright ideas.

Moving that bed is on hold.

4 thoughts on “Put it all Back

  1. Hahaha I had to laugh at this. I know all about those blessed night calls. So annoying. I sometimes sleep at my daughter’s house and my bed is a blowup mattress on the floor. Not so good for the back or the body, trying to get up. Best to just leave the furniture as it is 😉

    • I have decided at this time in my life it is best to leave the furniture where it is…especially the beds, mattresses and other sleeping areas. Wishing you all the best getting up off that blowup mattress.

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