It Just Makes No Sense

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Can someone explain to me where it would make sense how two groups of people can claim to be reading the same Bible, but understand it in totally opposite ways.

The last four years I have learned more about politics than I ever thought I would. I have also learned a lot about some people that profess to be “Christians” yet they are saying terrible things about people they don’t agree with. In some cases they are telling just plain ole lies.

When I read the Bible I do not find anywhere that tells us we should say terrible things about people or lie about them. I have been astonished to see that some people I have known for years and gone to church with, even some family members and some friends are among those that are doing those terrible things.

Jesus set an example of how we are to treat others and I don’t find lying about them or saying mean, ugly and belittling things about them anywhere in the Bible. If you have read it there, please tell me where.

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I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother enjoying my family, friends and all my blessings. There are many things I enjoy and subjects I like to discuss, you will probably hear about all or most of them at some point if you read my blog. There is so much to be thankful for.


  1. Lying does seem to have fallen off the list of the ten Commandments – especially on social media. Someone will post something blatantly false. Others will reply proving it false and the poster will admit they knew it was false but posted it anyway because it was so perfect. ??? A perfect lie?

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  2. I found this post after you commented on mine. I think we might be sisters! 😀 I already have two, but you’re welcome to be honorary!
    Yes! What Would Jesus Do? We must prayerfully ask that every day. (In my case more like ten times a day…)

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  3. There is no explanation for how so-called Christians are behaving today. I am a Christian, but not the kind of Christian I see today. I refuse to be! I am ashamed of what many Americans are doing, while proclaiming to be Christians. We need to get back to the time when people were asking “What Would Jesus Do?”. Let us care about each other, and take time to listen. Let’s put ourselves in someone else’s shoes for just a day. That is called empathy. Great topic! Thank you!

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    1. Great comment I agree that we need to get back to asking “What Would Jesus Do?”
      I think the Bible explains very well what He would do and I am not seeing that in very many. I am a Christian also but nothing like the kind I am seeing either. Thank you for your comment.


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