Waiting to gobble me up

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For almost fifty years my husband and I lived here in this small city where I still live. Up until a little over a year ago for the most part it has been a pleasant place to live, friendly people and nice neighbors.

Sad to say that for the last year or so it is no longer pleasant to live here. I feel like the only fish in a ocean of sharks circling and waiting to attack and gobble me up.

I am surrounded by people that think they know why I will be voting for Mr. Biden, they don’t have a clue. They are saying because I will vote for him I believe in murdering babies, that is NOT true. They think I want their guns taken away that is also NOT true.

What is sad to me is that none of them want to hear my reasons for voting the way I choose to, they just want to loudly proclaim to me what a terrible person I am because I am registered as a Democrat and I am for the two things mentioned above.

It upsets me that they are grouping me in with ALL Democrats when not all Democrats see things the same way I do.

It would be so nice if we could just sit down with those who misunderstand us and have a nice, respectful discussion, but that seems to be far-fetched if not impossible.

If there is a Democrat in this whole city I have not found them. I know a lot of people here and they are all Republicans, that never mattered until now. We all got along and there was respect for one another until after the last presidential election when it began changing and has steadily worsened especially over the last year.

In my opinion having no political parties would prevent this kind of thing from happening on such a grand scale.

14 thoughts on “Waiting to gobble me up

  1. I am sorry you are living somewhere that is not kind and comfortable. With all that is going on in our world right now, we need to be able to find a soft place to land at the end of the day. I hope yours improves.

  2. I live in Canada but I am in much the same situation. I live in Saskatchewan which is pretty much all Conservatives. I am not diehard any party but have voted Liberal the last few elections because I could not stand the leaders of the Conservative Party and their WASP views. People don’t like it but it is my vote.

  3. I am amazed at how many “Christians” have been misguided by the most corrupt and amoral President we have ever had. He is not the “Chosen One”, and most certainly is not our Savior. God has given us a Savior; His name is Jesus. I remember the first time I heard someone say, “God put Trump in the Whitehouse”. I actually gasped in disbelief. How could any intelligent person believe that, and especially a true Christian? God gave us free will. We human beings have abused that privilege. The choices human beings have made throughout history have put us where we are today. It is this President who has convinced people that we Democrats are going to take away the 2nd amendment, and that we want to kill babies. Both are LIES!! We all need to take responsibility, and learn the facts. This President thrives on chaos and hatred. If we care about this country, and yes, the world, we have to elect a President of faith, morals, character and all around decency. We all HAVE to vote, and continue to pray that our vote will be counted.

    • I agree with you totally and could not have stated it better. Great comment and much appreciated. You are right that we HAVE to vote, I certainly will be voting.

      • I am so thankful you have opened this dialog! I too have felt isolated at times. At a time when we all have the chance to do such a small thing for mankind, by simply wearing a mask and social distancing, we have learned who we truly are. The people who refuse to wear a mask during this pandemic, because they “have rights, and do not want the government telling them what to do” are, in my opinion, the same people who WANT the government to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.

        • I am glad to see you feel free to voice your opinion here, it is much appreciated. My hope is there will be others that feel free to do the same. In all the time mask wearing has been advised I have seen less than ten people in around my area wearing a mask and they don’t live in my neighborhood. I like as little government interfering with my life as possible. But when it is a global health issue, in my opinion, it is time for the government to do all possible to protect the people, which is not happening now. We have free will and I believe what a woman chooses to do with her body is her decision to make and not the governments. My opinion also is that we are not to judge any woman for having an abortion, that is God’s place. The government needs to have limits on what they can and cannot do when it comes to issues that decisions should only be made by the person they pertain to. No law will ever stop abortions. Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. Hello! This post has helped me tremendously, especially after reading the post at Apple Hill Cottage. I had been feeling like the lone ranger and knew who I wasn’t voting for, but not thrilled about either of our options. I had wanted to be able to hear other opinions. Anyway nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your posts..

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