Can it get any worse

A few weeks ago I was thinking, can it get any worse? It not only can, but has. And it seems it will not end anytime soon. The White House and Senate are determined to keep coming up with things to do harm, not good.

It has been apparent for a long time to me that the White House and Senate care only about themselves and what they want.

Until we can get people in the White House and Senate who know how and what to do that is right for the people of the country, it is not going to change.

We are all on our own to do what we can to keep ourselves safe and healthy. There will be no help coming from Washington, they have made that clear.

There are no words to explain how I feel about all that is going on right now concerning the virus. All I can say is that I am LIVID!

Please wear a mask when you need to be around others, social distance and wash your hands. It is going to take us all willing to do that to stop the virus.

I hope and pray it will be as easy for us to get Trump out of the White House as it was for those who voted to put him in there. Have any of their eyes been open to what is going on? I truly hope some have seen the truth and will vote him and the Senators out that need to go.

5 thoughts on “Can it get any worse

  1. I, like you, every day think surely things can not get worse, and then as you say, they do. What is wrong with people? Why is it so difficult to simply wear a mask and social distance? I was just sure after the President recovered from Covid 19, that he would most certainly come before the people and tell us this is real, it is bad, but if we wear a mask and social distance we can get a handle on this. I should have known better. Because he was given medications that none of us, would be given, even if we could afford it, he seemingly has recovered quickly. All that he has taken away from his being ill, is that the virus was a gift from God and that he is Superman. Yes, upon leaving the hospital, to appear before the people, he actually thought about wearing a Superman shirt underneath his dress shirt, then taking off his dress shirt exposing the Superman shirt.

    I realized today after watching interviews with past Trump voters, how we got here. One lady actually said she voted for Trump because she loved the “Celebrity Apprentice” program. She liked his celebrity status. Are you kidding me? People like this are scary. One would wonder if perhaps we should have to answer a questionnaire before we are allowed to vote. One really should have some knowledge about a candidates qualifications. Voting is not only a right, it is a responsibility. We should take this responsibility seriously, and do our homework. I pray the United States will be able to recover from all the damage that has been done by this President and those who have enabled him. We have to vote them out!!

    • Thank you for your comment. It boggles my mind when I hear some say why they voted for Trump, I agree it is scary. Some just seem to have blinders and ear plugs in place and nothing will ever change their minds about him.

      I too pray that our country will be able to recover from all the damage done by Trump and his enablers. Voting them all out of office seems to be our only hope and I pray that happens in a few days.

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