Talking to the birds

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I am so fed up with politics and need to stay away from the news. It is difficult for me to not turn on the TV at least once a day to see what is going on. There have been very few days for the last several months that I have not watched the news. When I watch the news it leaves me angry most of the time. I have decided that I am going to watch very little news if any until after the election.

The Presidential debate was a disaster and the Vice Presidential debate was not that much better.

There is just too much bad news and not enough news about the good going on in our country.

I am choosing to spend more time outside on pretty days and talking to the birds. We can talk about things that are much more interesting than our politics. We can even sing together and that is a good thing, music is healing.

The days that weather does not allow me to get out I will listen to music, I have a whole lot of music. Good music lifts my spirits and peps me up, I may actually accomplish something between now and the election after I get that music going. πŸ™‚

Have a blessed day everyone.

8 thoughts on “Talking to the birds

  1. I feel for you! We just had our provincial election. The party that got re-elected are horrid but our only viable alternative are so dopey they couldn’t possibly unseat anyone. I am glad you can escape from your situation once in a while. 🌳🐦🐿️

  2. Ah, Music! What would we do without music? I am very thankful there are so many gifted and talented people who have given us the wonderful gift of music. What a blessing! In these very trying times, music truly does lift my spirits. Because I am fearful of what this President will do next, I am guilty of watching too much depressing news. I know he will not change, and my hope is that, after this election, he will no longer be President of this country. There are days when I cry, then I turn off the TV, I pray, then I listen to music. Again, what a blessing!

    • I feel better having read your reply to my post. It is good to know that I am not the only one who appreciates music during these trying times. I can truly identify with what you have stated. Music has been a mood lifter and blessing to me many times over the years. Thank you for your comment…keep enjoying the music.

  3. Going outside, listening to the birds, looking at the wildlife, is so much better than listening to the horrible state of affairs in our country and world. It breaks my heart to see and hear what we are doing to this world.

    • I am so saddened about what is going on in our country. It is raining today but I still have enjoyed the birds at the feeders through the windows. Thank you for visiting and commenting, I am enjoying your blog and glad that I found it.

      • I love watching the birds. I have a backyard of squirrels who entertain me and the blue jays argue with them over the nuts and seeds I put out. Ah, rain…how I would love for it to rain but none in our forecast. We need rain to put out the forest fires that surround us.

        • I am glad to know I have found someone else who enjoys watching birds. There are lots of squirrels at my place and they are comical to watch, lots of arguing going on here too. I hope you get rain soon and the fires will be out. So sad all that has burned.

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