It would only take a minute…so why?

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I seem to have a lot of “why” questions of late, but things keep happening that cause me to wonder why?

Just about every week sometimes a couple or more days in a row, I hear someone’s purse was stolen from their car. Not long ago I heard several women were at an event and a lot of them left their purses in their cars. After the event they returned to their cars to find windows were broken and their purses were gone.

Today I heard from someone I know that their daughter’s purse was stolen from her car. The car was in the garage but, the garage door was open just enough for the thief to scoot in on their stomach, and that is what they did.

This kind of theft has been going on for years, it happens often in driveways of homes in my surrounding area. When the police are called they tell the victims to not leave their purses or other valuables in their cars but, they keep on doing it. One would think they learned it was not a good idea to leave valuables in their car after they were stolen but, after having purses and other items stolen some continue to exit their car and leave their purse behind.

It would take only seconds to place a purse in your hand, on your shoulder or in the trunk of the car. Do they not think it would be easier to put a purse where it cannot be seen than to have the purse stolen and have to replace everything that was taken.

A few times I have had no choice but to put my purse in the trunk of the car or leave it at home. It was not a problem for me to leave the purse at home nor to go on to my destination and put the purse in the trunk of the car. It only takes seconds to open a car trunk, place a purse in it and close the trunk.

8 thoughts on “It would only take a minute…so why?

  1. I have never had my purse stolen but I did have my car stolen three times – out of my driveway (in a decent neighbourhood) and it was locked. It was a silver and black turbo charged convertible – super cute. The police told me I should get a less attractive car. 🙄 Oh – and my friends and family were the ones who found it each time – on main city streets.

    • Wow, you were lucky your friends and family found it each time. I don’t ever hear stolen vehicles are found around here. I had my wallet stolen from my purse at a grocery store years ago. I learned a big lesson, now I keep my purse on me. My wallet was found at the grocery store across the street several days later. The cash had been removed but all else was still in the wallet.

  2. In pandemic times I no longer take my purse, wearing clothes with pockets that hold my cards and phone and then keys after I get where I am going. I’ve changed my whole lifestyle and wardrobe!

    • That is a very good idea even if we were not in a pandemic. We need to be more careful than ever, cameras don’t even keep thieves away.

  3. And, don’t place your purse in the trunk in full view of others. I learned this the hard way many years ago. I was headed out for a hike, put my purse in the trunk at the trailhead, and came back to a jimmied trunk and no purse. Put it in the trunk BEFORE you get to your destination.

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