Too much noise

I am glad that the election has finally come and gone. But in my opinion, there is still way too much noise going on. All the news is same ole, same ole and boring. It is time to move on.

I’m hoping that those that just won’t admit they have lost the election will soon realize that they have, so that President elect Biden can get on with the business he needs to be getting done. There is just so much he can do before all the ridiculous lawsuits end.

Some don’t think Biden was the best choice, but there is a difficult job ahead and I like many others think he was the best pick to tackle it. There were others that I think would make a great president later and I believe Biden will have many of them in his administration.

President elect Biden knows how it works in Washington and can immediately get started on getting our country back on track. There will be a lot of doing and undoing but he and Kamala will get it done.  

Author: Mags

There are many things I enjoy and subjects I like to discuss so I decided to have a blog. You will see right away that I am not a professional blogger or writer. There is so much to be thankful for and I am grateful for all in my life. Sometimes I may need to rant or voice my opinion on some matters.

4 thoughts on “Too much noise”

  1. I agree that it will be good having someone who understand how things are set up to be done. IMHO 🇨🇦 Trump spent a lot of time shooting himself in the foot being independent when he would have been better off working with others.

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