Enough head shaking already

A friend posted on their social media page that the most exercise they get lately is shaking their head while watching the news. That was meant to be funny, but I saw a more serious side of it also. When I read it I didn’t think of me shaking my head as being exercise, but it did make me realize how much head shaking I do when I reluctantly turn on the news.

I’ve certainly done a lot of head shaking especially over the last few weeks. I have also shed some tears over our Democracy being taken away little by little.

I’m wondering if there will be regrets and any apologies when some realize what their votes have brought to our country.

Inauguration Day cannot get here soon enough for me. To me so far this month has seemed longer than the whole rest of the year.

8 thoughts on “Enough head shaking already

  1. This time after the election has been more worrisome than before. And that the president is trying to lean on state legislators to get them to “throw” the election to him? What country do we live in?

    • I don’t feel we any longer live in the wonderful country that I was born and raised in. It hurts my heart to see and know that so many help him with all of the destruction he is bringing to our democracy. There seems to be nothing so low that he will not do it to accomplish what he has set out to do. I am still trying my best to have faith and hope that it will all work out and our country and democracy can be saved.

      • I was going to like this comment until I realized I can’t “like” it. It is just so awful that elected officials are allowing him to do this. And even supporting him in his cheating and law-breaking. It is heart breaking. I agree.

  2. Just as we look back on other historical events and wonder what they were thinking, so it will be in 100 years or so when that generation looks at what we have done. So many have said they wouldn’t have stood for slavery or for the holocaust, but look at what we have stood by and allowed to happen.

  3. Sadly, I don’t think there will be any regrets or apologies. I think they will just dig in deeper and the craziness and danger to our democracy will continue. I wish the inauguration would present Biden with a healed country but I don’t think it will.

    • I agree with you. I think it will take a very long time to heal our country and the longer the craziness goes on the longer the recovery will be…if there can be a recovery. My heart aches for President Elect Biden and his administration with all they will be facing when they finally get in the Whitehouse.

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