Words People Say

Words I am hearing people say…

“It is hard to believe so many people we know have this horrible virus.”

“More and more people we know are contracting the virus.”

Well, it is not hard for me to believe. For months people have been ignoring the fact that we need to stay home if possible, but if we must go out in public, wear a mask. practice social distancing and attend no large gatherings.

Thousands have been gathering in large groups, not wearing masks nor social distancing and now it is hard for them to believe that they themselves, family members, friends and other people they have been in contact with have the virus and some have died from it.

They think they can do whatever they want and God will protect them. I am one who believes that God is always with us through everything we go through, but I do not believe that we can do things on purpose that we have been told would be dangerous to others and even ourselves and expect God to come to our rescue.

We were given ‘free will’ and when we choose to do something that the consequences could be very unpleasant, dangerous or deadly we just have to live with them.


“Lord, there is a stop sign and I should stop…but I am in a hurry and I know you will protect me.”

It is possible you could make it running that stop sign without any issues BUT it is also possible you could get a ticket, injure or kill someone, or you could have been injured or died. God had nothing to do with that…you chose to run the stop sign.

“Lord, there has been a flood and there are signs saying not to drive through the water across the roadway but…I need to get to the store and then home, so please keep me safe, thank you Jesus.”

Well, now you are in your vehicle in the middle of deep, rushing water and your car won’t run and you can’t get out of it. Someone has to come rescue you before or after you drowned. At the very least your vehicle is probably ruined. That was your choice to drive into that water not God’s and you were warned.

“Lord, I know there is a terrible virus spreading across our country and they say we should stay home if possible, but if we have to get out we should wear a mask and social distance. But I know you are with me in all things and you will keep me safe so I don’t have to do any of that. I should just carry on with my life like usual.”

You made that choice and now you are seeing your family members, friends and yourself with the virus and it is hard for you to believe? What is so hard to believe about it…the answer is simple it is because you chose to not heed the warnings and carry on with life as usual.

The Lord does not protect us from the consequences of our foolish and ridiculous decisions we have to live with the results of those decisions.

It would not be easy to live with the fact that a loved one has the virus and is very ill or someone died because one chose to not heed the warnings about the terrible virus.

Please stay home if possible, wear a mask and social distance if you must get out, do not go in a public place where anyone is not wearing a mask. Do not attend large gatherings, only stay around people living in your home. That is a small price to pay for a short time to keep the virus from spreading and protect others and ourselves.

9 thoughts on “Words People Say

  1. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! This could not have been said better. I wonder exactly what it will take to wake people up to the reality of this pandemic. When I see our doctors and nurses, in tears and physically exhausted, pleading with all of us to do the simplest of things, I become angry and unforgiving of those who refuse to do their part. To those of you who have not worn a mask and have not socially distanced, and are now finding those around you becoming ill with the virus, do not wonder why. Look inward, have that “aha” moment, and realize, “perhaps I could have made a difference”. Wearing a mask and keeping our distance are such small sacrifices. Why is that so difficult?

    • I so hope it is not true but, it seems some will never have that “aha” moment. My heart aches so for the doctors, nurses and other medical caregivers that are going through such difficult and sad times. You are right that wearing a mask and keeping our distance is such small sacrifices to pay. Thank you for your input I totally agree.

  2. >>I do not believe that we can do things on purpose that we have been told would be dangerous to others and even ourselves and expect God to come to our rescue.<< EXACTLY! You cannot tempt God and expect Him to come to your rescue. If you act foolish, you will be called to account for that.

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