Hoping for more positive

Our weather has been beautiful the last few days. It has been really enjoyable to be out in the yard, soaking up sunshine and getting some chores done. There was nothing depressing outside, no commercials and no negative news. I enjoyed a nice drive and a talk with a neighbor, she on her porch and me on mine.

I enjoy reading, listening to music and working jigsaw puzzles during the cold winter months when I can’t get outside. I am one that loves being outside, but only in pretty weather. What do you enjoy doing during the cold winter months?

I am hoping and praying for more positive and good news in 2021. Is it too much for me to hope that there will be more positive news on television and fewer commercials, or is that something we will never see again?

9 thoughts on “Hoping for more positive

  1. Oh, how I am looking forward to a new and brighter year ahead. I cannot remember a more depressing year than 2020. I have watched almost my entire library of Christmas movies, and a few more that I had not seen (and no commercials). I have really enjoyed the Christmas music, and am now ready to move forward. I have worked jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, Sudokus and Cryptoquotes. I love board games, but I prefer in person competition. 🙂 I long for the day when we can safely congregate. Wishing for everyone, A Wonderful New Year!!

    • I too am looking forward to a new and brighter year. You have done very well enjoying movies, music and puzzles. I love crossword puzzles but have not worked any for several months. It will be wonderful when we can get together with loved ones again.

  2. We have had days of cold fog. No sun all week which keeps me tucked indoors even though the yards are covered with leaves and need some work. It will wait while I sit inside reading a stack of books and watching some DVDs, all courtesy of the library. I am currently watching an HBO series of Olive Kitteridge. I sure enjoyed the book, and this series doesn’t disappoint, either. Much better than watching the current news.

    • Keep enjoying reading and watching the series. I have enjoyed watching a few Christmas movies. All much better than watching the current news.

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