What a mess

Some say it can’t be done…others say it can be done.

It seems no one in Washington has a clue how to have a impeachment trial when a President is no longer in office.

From what I hear they don’t even know who is supposed to preside over the trial if one can be had.

Are we going to have anyone that knows how to run the government and keep our country free and safe?

It is difficult for me to believe or trust anyone after all that happened at the capitol on the 6th and all that is going on now in Washington, not to mention the ridiculous way they are trying to get virus vaccine distributed to more places and shots given to everyone who chooses to get one.

What a mess our country is in right now. I pray every day for the Lord to help me to be able to trust people again and to help me and others to do our part to help our country to get back to a good place.

2 thoughts on “What a mess

  1. We feel like children whose adults have all left them to fend for themselves. No food, no shelter, no instructions. Just figure it out as you go. Good luck, hope you make it.

    1. I had not thought of it that way but, now that you mentioned it, that is exactly how I feel. Hopefully we all will be rescued at some point in the near future.

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