New Year New Beginnings

What I hope to see in 2021 is God’s will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. He does not need me or anyone else to help usher in any part of His plan. In my opinion the last few years God has been given credit for things that He had nothing to do with.

We were given free will and our choices are not always part of God’s plan. We bring a lot of misery and unwanted things upon ourselves by the choices we make.

We don’t know when He will be ready to end all that is going on in the world…only He knows that and His timing is always perfect. My hope and prayer is that we wait on the Lord and fully trust in Him to see truth and not get caught up in lies and conspiracy theories going forward.

Author: Mags

There are many things I enjoy and subjects I like to discuss so I decided to have a blog. You will see right away that I am not a professional blogger or writer. There is so much to be thankful for and I am grateful for all in my life. Sometimes I may need to rant or voice my opinion on some matters.

2 thoughts on “New Year New Beginnings”

  1. You have spoken so eloquently, that there is nothing more I can say to make it more poignant. I wish those who are misguided could see your beautiful post. Prayers for everyone to open their eyes, and acknowledge the real reason for the chaos we have been living.

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