I would never believed it

If someone had told me that one day at my age I would enjoy shoveling snow I would not have believed them. I decided to post this news on my blog so in the future I can go back and read about the day I truly enjoyed shoveling snow. The sun felt so good after many days of clouds, cold and more snow than there has ever been in my area.

I love being outside and it felt so good to be able to spend time out today. So much to be grateful for and today I was grateful for the beautiful sunshine that began melting the snow and kept me warm enough to clear the snow from the steps and ramp so I could get to my car.


  1. Physical labor, after a long time of being kept inside, does feel good. I don’t know about snow, though, as I have never had to deal with the stuff. Moving mulch is about the closest thing I can think of that would come close. At one time I could move a mountain of it, but I’m not sure about now.

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