I don’t want much

After eating nothing but my cooking for the last year, I am tired of it. I am not one to eat out often and I don’t want much right now. A good ole hamburger with real meat, lettuce, a slice of tomato, a slice of onion, sliced pickle and mayo would fix me up just fine. A fast-food burger won’t do, but are there any places anymore that serve a burger like I would like to have? I am on a mission to try and locate a place to get a real burger, if there is such a place in my area to be found. That seems to be what I am most hungry for and have been for awhile.

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    • I have made some at home a couple of times in the last year and they were good, I am just ready for someone else to cook me a good one. lol

  1. This gives you an opportunity to read menus! When I can’t stand it any longer, I go and look up local places to see what’s on their menu. It has been a year now since my husband and I have eaten out. Today we plan to break the pattern and go to Chili’s for ribs. You know, the high end places! Ha, ha. Let us know how you make out.

    • It has been over a year since I have eaten out. I have been checking out places and menus. Yay!!! Enjoy those ribs. Will let you know when I find a hamburger.

    • I have heard nothing but rave reviews about them, but the one nearest to me is in a city I do not drive to. I am still searching.

  2. I agree with Anita’s review of Five Guys. I had not eaten anything but my cooking since this pandemic began, so two weeks after my last Covid vaccination I headed to Five Guys. Like you, I wanted a hamburger, but a fast food burger was not on my list. Many times in the past, I had driven by Five Guys and wondered what they were like. Asking around, a friend, as well as my son, said “O, Yeah, go to Five Guys, but go with a big appetite!” They were right! I ordered a “little” burger & a “little” fries. They are not “little”, but both the burger and fries were absolutely delicious. I could not eat all the fries, as I was stuffed. If you are lucky enough to have a Five Guys near you, I highly recommend it. When you get a hamburger, from wherever you choose, savor every bite.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with Five Guys. If there was one in a place I am willing to drive to I would for sure eat there. If I have found a good place I will get a burger after I get my last Covid vaccination like you did.

  3. As for chains, I always liked Red Robin’s hamburgers when we ate out with friends. However, I’ve not had one in at least four years so can’t say. But, if you have a local drive-in type place in your town, that may be your best bet. We have a place called Triangle Drive-in. Goes back to the 1960s and they make food like they did back then. Local people, cooking local food for the locals. It will be your best bet.

    • Oh, how I would love to find a place that makes food like back in the 60’s but there is no place like that in my area. There is a Red Robin around 20 miles from me, but they don’t have good reviews so not sure I would drive that far with reviews not being better. Thank you for your suggestions.

  4. I’m not sure where you live, so I’m not sure if my recommendations are helpful, but two places I would recommend (that tend to be located in many places) are (1) The Longhorn Restaurant – they serve primarily steaks and chicken, but have really good hamburgers (2) Chili’s Grill and Bar – same description as The Longhorn, and (3) Five Guys and Fries – yummy hamburgers and fries, always made fresh. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚ Bon appetit!

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