Giddy Up Dwindling

For awhile my Giddy Up had been dwindling. Spring has finally sprung, I am seeing green leaves, white, yellow and pink blossoms. There is no snow and a few days with sunshine, my Giddy Up is now accelerating and my To Do list is getting shorter, it feels so good when I check something off that list.

4 thoughts on “Giddy Up Dwindling

  1. I love checking things off the “to do” list. I even add some things I did just so I can cross them off!

    • It does feel good to check things off the list. I never thought of adding more so I could cross them off though. I just start another list. You gave me a chuckle.

  2. I hope you send some of your Giddy Up north as I could do with a good shot of it! I usually
    designate April as my spring cleaning month. It is now the 5th and no action yet! Take care.

    • If I could I would share my Giddy Up with you. Mine still has a way to go before I am going full steam ahead, but I will hope for both of us so we can get our spring cleaning done. You take care also!

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