Well now that just does it!

I don’t know who or what to believe any more…it is all just crazy. From what the CDC is saying now in my opinion just causes more confusion. Their decision gives troublemakers more fodder to carry on with being cruel to those they don’t agree with.

How is anyone to know who has had the shots or who hasn’t with the CDC saying it is okay for both to not wear a mask? I do know that I will continue to wear a mask if I am out and about until I feel comfortable to not do so. When I do get out I will just hope that someone that thinks they have a right to bad mouth me or yank off my mask will not approach me.

I am angry and disappointed about the CDC’s decision. How do you feel about it?

10 thoughts on “Well now that just does it!

  1. When I heard the CDC had declared that those of us who have been fully vaccinated will no longer need to wear masks, I could not believe my ears. All the non-maskers need is more fodder to say, “We knew it, we never needed masks!” I live in a state where three quarters of the population do not believe the virus is real, and my state is barely over 30% fully vaccinated. Yes, we who are fully vaccinated are safer, but the last I heard, we are still not 100% safe. I am not one of those willing to be in that last 2 or 3 percent, even if it “may” not land me in the hospital. I say, “may”, because there have been cases of fully vaccinated people, who have ended up in the hospital, but did not require ICU. There has not been enough time to have full knowledge of how long the vaccine is effective, or if those fully vaccinated, who contract Covid will have long-term effects. I trust the science and the scientists, but I truly believe the CDC has jumped the gun here. We are no where near herd immunity, and too many people still refuse to be vaccinated. My young grandchildren have just this past week become eligible to be vaccinated. I learned yesterday, in my county, is a cluster of 13 cases of a double mutant variant of the India Covid. Three people who have it have been fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. Is wearing a mask really so difficult? Those who work in the medical industry, from the scientists and researchers right on down to the aides, wear masks, some times everyday, all day on the job. They have always done this, it didn’t begin with Covid. I will continue to wear my mask, but now people will assume that because I am wearing a mask, I have not been vaccinated. The CDC has now given more excuses for continued bullying. Shame on them!!! Is wearing a mask to keep us all safe really that hard? I have to ask….why?

    • Very well said!! I too live in a state where a lot of the people do not believe the virus is real. They have not gotten the shots and refuse to. A large part of them never have worn a mask and still won’t. I heard that Walmart and two other large stores will no longer require their employees and shoppers to wear masks if they have been fully vaccinated. How in the world are they going to know if the shoppers have been vaccinated?? I have a lot of “Whys” after the CDC made their announcement. I do not plan to give up my masks no matter what they say. Thank you for your comment. Have a great day!

  2. Continue to wear the mask where it’s accepted protocol, like grocery stores, retail establishments, the library, schools. We are heading in the right direction with less mask wearing, but we aren’t out of the woods yet. Everyone has to consider their own health, and their own emotions, as we continue forward in this war against a virus we cannot see. I remember the polio vaccines did so much but there were people who never went into a pool, or ocean, or river again, because that’s where the virus had been so easily caught.

    • Here in my area the grocery stores and a lot of other places are not requiring their employees or shoppers wear a mask any longer. I too remember the polio vaccines and how some people reacted. I feel at some point the COVID vaccine will be a more sure thing and then I will be a lot more comfortable not wearing a mask. Have a great day.

  3. I know it sounds a bit confusing at first, but it’s actually good news (for those of us who believe in vaccines). The CDC said that, based on the most recent scientific evidence, people who have been fully vaccinated cannot give the virus to anyone else, and have a 95-98% chance of ever getting Covid. And for the rare few that do get Covid after being vaccinated, most will have no symptoms, or, if they have symptoms, they will be very mild and will not result in hospitalization. So, based on all of this, the CDC now says that, anyone who has been fully vaccinated is completely protected, and therefore, does not need to wear a mask. They also said, that anyone who has not been fully vaccinated, should continue to wear a mask, because they are still at risk of catching Covid. So, here’s the really important thing to keep in mind if you are fully vaccinated: it doesn’t matter if the people around you have Covid or not, because, the evidence now shows that you can’t get it, or give it, to anyone if you have been fully vaccinated. The people who are in danger of catching Covid, are those who have not been fully vaccinated. If they choose not to wear a mask, they place themselves at risk, but they cannot place a fully vaccinated person at risk. — In the past, the CDC didn’t know for sure how effective the vaccines would be, so the masks ensured everyone would be protected, and would also prevent all of us from passing the virus to someone else. Now, based on the latest science, it is only the folks not fully vaccinated, who risk being infected. And if that person has Covid, they can only infect others who are also not fully vaccinated. — I was like you, at first, feeling really concerned about the new mask decision, but now I understand why they made it. I hope my explanation is helpful. No matter what, you should always do what you need to, to feel that you are protected. There is certainly nothing wrong with continuing to wear a mask. 🙂

    • My main concern is that I think it is too soon. They really don’t know how long the vaccines are going to protect those of us who have had the shots. I have heard that they think it could be about six, months and I will soon be at that point. So I will continue to wear a mask until they know more about how long the vaccines will protect us. Too how will those who choose to be mean know the difference between those who have had the vaccine and those who haven’t but neither wear a mask. Still too much going on out among the people for me to let go of my masks yet. If others choose to not wear one that is their right, like it is mine to wear one. Thank you for your comment I like hearing different thoughts on the matter. Have a great day.

      • I completely understand your point of view on this, and don’t disagree with you at all. I was just attempting to explain what the CDC’s reasoning was behind their suggestion that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks. 😊 At the end of the day, we all need to do what we feel is safest (without endangering other people, of course). 😊

        • I totally agree. It really is up to us to do what we feel we need to so that we will be safe and not cause harm or sickness to others.

  4. I agree! As much as I liked the positive spin, I feel that it’s important to continue to wear masks among strangers. We feel comfortable getting together without masks with other known double-dosers, but not with people we don’t know. If there was some way to identify those who had their second shot, OK but, short of that, I’ll keep mine on.

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