Some times a little help is needed

Not me but the tool is like the one I purchased

Over the years my husband and I have paid several thousand dollars for tree work. Well, I just was not in the mood to pay someone to cut off low limbs on some of the trees in the yard. I knew I would need something to help me reach the limbs, but knew I could not stand on a ladder. If I get very far off the ground I get dizzy…but I was determined to find a way.

This 4ft. 11in. 80+ old granny is stubborn and likes doing anything she can herself. I was looking through an ad from a store where I shop and saw the tool pictured above. My brain went to spinning and I declared that with that tool and the extra reach it would give me I could get those tree limbs cut off. The tool had rave reviews and some were by older women like me.

That tool is one of the best purchases I ever made. It is very easy to use. Two trees are all done and look great if I must say so myself. Three more trees to go and the yard will be looking much better. I am so happy that I saved hundreds of dollars, got exercise and enjoyed cutting off those limbs.

Naturally there may at some point be tree work I can’t do, but I will do what I can now that I have a great tool to help. It works well for pruning tall shrubs too.

Thank you, Fiskars for your extendable pruning stik. I was not, nor will not be compensated in any way for bragging on this pruning tool. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Some times a little help is needed

  1. This is a timely blog. I just recently purchased the Fiskar Stik, and used it for the first time today. My sister bought one of these a while back, and she could not say enough good things about it. After seeing pictures of what she was able to do with the Stik, I knew I had to have one. You are absolutely right! This is a wonderful tool, and is amazingly easy to use.

    • It is nice to know that you have the Fiskar Stik and also like the tool. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing what you think about the Fiskar Stik.

  2. What a good recommendation. I have loppers with extending arms that I can use for low limbs and some of the large shrubs. This tool might just be a good addition.

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