Brain give me a break

My brain seems to be like it is on a merry-go-round and don’t know how to get off. It just keeps me thinking about the same things over and over and it is disturbing my concentration.

Word to brain…Brain give me a break there are other things I would like to think about. And too there are things I would like to do if you would just allow me to concentrate.

6 thoughts on “Brain give me a break

  1. I understand completely! Is this a sign of old-age??? Have you been drinking extra caffeine? If I drink a regular coffee or even tea, my brain goes on over-drive. Plus, it often happens at night! Hang in there.

    • I don’t always know what causes this to happen to me. It seems to be focused on a lot of my past life right now and I am struggling to get the thoughts to go away.

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