Poor little thing he’s lonely

I found this video on YouTube, if you listen to it you will be able to hear sounds similar to what I am hearing.

There’s a Northern Mocking Bird in a tree in my front yard. He has been singing like every bird around here plus some that I have not seen in my yard. A little while ago he was singing like a quail, he whistles like me, meows like a cat and sounds like a car horn. I can’t help but giggle when he makes sounds like something other than birds.

Poor bird the odds are he will sit in that tree and continue singing until 4:00 a.m. unless he finds a lady mocking bird. He started singing about ten minutes after midnight.

I feel sorry for him and if I could I would find a mate and somehow get her to him. Listening to him does not bother me, I really enjoy the sounds he makes, but I don’t like that he is lonely.

4 thoughts on “Poor little thing he’s lonely

    • I love the sounds also. I did not hear him last night. He has found his true love or moved to another area. I miss him.

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