I wanted some fish

For several days I had been hungry for some fish. It is too hot to bake in the oven and my toaster/convection oven died.

Last week I ordered a new toaster/convection oven. When it arrived I looked at it and thought how in the world will I ever learn to operate this oven. I actually said that out loud.

With my other oven all I had to do was put the dial on bake or toast, set the temperature and timer and all was good to go. But this oven has buttons all down one side and frankly they intimidated me.

I read the instructions and they sounded so complicated I was thinking that I made a big mistake purchasing the oven. I let the oven set for a few days looking at it off and on but not brave enough to try using it.

The want for some fish would not go away so today I read those instructions again a couple of times. I pushed some of those buttons and the temperature was not right, I couldn’t get it to change so I unplugged the oven and started all over.

To my surprise I got some fish baked and it was perfect. I enjoyed it with some yummy veggies.

Guess what, the oven is much easier to operate than it looked like it would be, and the instructions made it seem.

It seems as if that oven and I are going to get along just fine after all.

14 thoughts on “I wanted some fish

  1. Good job! I got a new alarm clock three years ago and I still have trouble setting it. I get it set and our power goes out, then I have to start all over. The door latch is going on our microwave and I am dreading the day it has to be replaced.

    • I hope I don’t have to replace another appliance. This oven still makes me nervous but hopefully I will be comfortable with it at some point. I hope you don’t have to replace your microwave anytime soon. One would think with all the technology today things would be easier to set and operate, but I find some to be more difficult. I still have a very old alarm clock that winds up. I don’t have to use it often but it still works for me and I hope if I need a new one it will be simple to set, if they make such a thing any longer.

  2. Good job! It seems that ALL new appliances are intimidating. Most have a magic chip, as I call it in them. Even the new refrigerator we bought for a rental property has a chip in it. I really don’t need to set anything to my phone. . . Okay. I am being a curmudgeon today!

  3. Good that it all worked out! 🙂 It seems that all the technology is becoming more intimidating, now! I’m starting to feel the way my parents did with the VCR and answering machine! 🙂 Congrats on your persistence!!

    • To me technology seems to be advancing way faster than ever before. I hope I don’t have to replace any more appliances. Thank you, the oven made beautiful toast for me this morning.

  4. Our new oven has all the bells and whistles, even a Sabbath setting if you are Jewish. I just walk myself through the settings until I get what I want. It does a fabulous job as I’m sure yours does too, and you will end up loving it more than you can imagine. I’ve never had a toaster oven as I don’t have any center space for such an appliance. Even our microwave is built in above the cooktop.

    • Wow, a Sabbath setting. Walking through settings is most likely what I will end up doing. Enjoy your oven, I think I am going to enjoy mine now that I have finally tried it.

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