It’s just not working

In my opinion the way our political system works is not working. For a long time I have wished there were no political parties. How anyone can in good conscientious vote straight ticket for any party is something I will never understand.

Why can’t we just have it where people who run for office are voted for because we feel they are the best for the job? Surely there is a way to fix the system where it would work much better than it does now.

Why can we not let each one of us vote for the candidates we believe would best serve our country, count every vote and then those that have the most votes are the ones to fill those offices?

We all need to know what we can find out about candidates before we vote for them and be more careful about who we vote for.

I don’t appreciate my tax dollars going to pay salaries for politicians that end up doing more harm than good for our country.

How can we fix our political system where it would work a whole lot better than it does now?

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  1. I’d like to see a few things changed. (1) I’d like to see dark money taken out elections. (2) But I’d also like to see it go one step further, and eliminate fundraising for elections. I’d rather see all candidates being given the same amount of money to use for campaigns, and the same amount of airtime to promote candidates, to make it a fair playing field, so that people that don’t have a lot of money, have the same chance to run and serve in public office, as those with big money. I’ve never thought connecting their messaging to money, was a fair way to inform us of candidates. (3) I’d like to see us get rid of the Electoral College, and simply have those with the most votes, win elections. It shouldn’t matter where someone lives, city or rural – all voters voices are important. (4) I’d definitely like to see huge national voting reforms that set a national standard for free and fair elections – from things like preventing voting districts from being gerrymandered to favor one party over another, or other ways that enable rigged elections, rather than reflect what voters want…. to things like preventing efforts intended to stop people from voting. (5) I’d like to see all eligible US citizens automatically registered to vote for life. There should never be a need to update voting status for each election. If a person was eligible to vote in one election, they should be eligible to vote in every election. (6) I’d like to get away from the “political party” system, and have candidates make their case to all voters, as to how they will serve the public. (7) I’d like to see transparency required of all candidates for public office – including preventing individuals with criminal records (like domestic and sexual abusers, tax frauds, child traffickers, people who violently threaten public officials, people who wish to overthrow the government, etc,) from being able to serve in a position of public trust.
    I’m sure there are more things I’d like to see, if I think about it further, but for now, these are the things that came to my mind. 🙂

    • Anita I very much agree with you on all you have said. I could write a book on changes I would like to see and you have mentioned some of them here. Thank you, so much for sharing I could not have said it better.

      • One thing I will add right now Anita is…Why like you I would like to see the political party system gone. There are more political parties than Republican and Democrat. Some people choose not to be with either of those parties. There are other parties in my state, people run for office registered under their party, but when we go to vote only the Democrats and Republicans are on the ballot. So here if you don’t vote Democrat or Republican you are out of luck to vote. That is not fair and should not happen, everyone should be able to vote and their vote be counted.

    • Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!! You have spoken so clearly as to how things should be. I am in total agreement with everything you said. You have my vote for any position. You have renewed my faith that there still are intelligent people in this country. Thank you!!!!

      • My faith has been renewed also after putting out this post and reading the much appreciated comments. Thank you for your comment. Anita would have my vote too, she has spoken much better than I could what I would like to see done.

      • Thank you so much for your very kind comments! ❤️. I think there are probably lots of us feeling the same way about what’s needed. We are definitely in need of lots of reforms, to live up to our potential as a country, and I have faith we will one day get there, because it is on the minds of so many – and that is powerful! 😊. Thank you, again, for your kind comments. 😊

  2. We need the electoral college. Without it, the cities; NY, LA, Chicago, etc. will determine who becomes President. Because I live near NY state, I often feel bad for the voters there. The rural areas are so outnumbered by NYC. I feel for those people.

    • I don’t see that the electoral college is fair the way it works. To me it seems too few people make the final decision as to who wins. I always feel my vote didn’t matter after it all goes to the electoral college to decide. If there were no political parties and every vote was counted, to me that seems the most fair way to elect our political leaders. There will never be a time when everyone agrees. How does the electoral college help to make any difference in the rural or less populated areas? I have never seen that it does.

      • The electoral college helps small, rural communities because what we are really doing when we vote for President is voting for a delegate. Each state gets X number of delegates based on their 2 US Senators and the # of US Representatives. So that means people of upstate NY, for instance, delegates are as important as NYC delegates. Of course, in some cases the “popular” vote is not the same as the delegate vote but we all know how that goes! Hope this helps. By the way, I am not trying to be difficult!

        • Oh, I never thought you were trying to be difficult. I have voted for many years but I have learned more about politics in the last five years than I ever knew. I will never think that the electoral college is needed to elect politicians to office. I know how the electoral college works and it seems a lot of people see the benefit of having it and a lot of people don’t. Even so our voting system needs to be fixed where it is fair to all. Let everyone vote that chooses to, count every vote and the candidate with the most votes wins…that is the only way I can understand as being fair to all.

      • That is the way I see it unless some procedure that takes place removes some of the votes. The way I understand how the process of the electoral college works cancels out some votes. I am certainly not an expert but I do believe the electoral college is one process that makes our elections unfair.

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