Looking forward to cooler weather

I am not wanting to rush the passing of the time in this life that I am grateful for, but I have to say I am ready for cooler weather to get here.

It has been so hot and humid that being outside for long has been something that was not a wise decision for me. Walking around my large yard with my little dog is one thing I enjoy very much. We have not been able to do much of that for sometime.

Swinging in the yard swing and watching the birds come to the feeders is something else I enjoy doing, but that has been put on hold for several weeks.

Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons. The fresh smells and beauty of blooming flowers in spring, and the colors of autumn are amazing. I am very much looking forward to the colors and cooler weather that comes with autumn.


  1. Wednesday is one of our cooler days, only 91 degrees. It’s been quite pleasant to be in the yard and to run errands. I did get the errands done before noon and my husband got the yardwork done by 11, though because our air quality is quite poor due to forest fires and the warmer it gets, the worse the air.


    1. It is good to hear you have had some cooler days. Still hoping to hear soon that your air quality is good once again. We are supposed to be back in the lower 90’s in a couple of days.


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