It’s really none of my business

How people choose to dress, partially dress or not dress at all is none of my business. I don’t mean to be judgemental but, do some people have no shame.

It seems every time I turn on the television I have to close my eyes or turn my head to protect my eyes from viewing bodily parts that I would rather not see.

When one can’t watch a good program without commercials popping in with men and or women showing what should be their most private body parts is not what I want to see. I have given up watching some programs that I enjoyed in the past and still would enjoy if not for those body parts sticking out for all to see during some of the commercials.

All others will make their choices and I will make mine. I am wondering how much longer it will be before I give up television period. It is unfair for those of us that would prefer to see good programs and commercials without body parts showing that should be covered.

8 thoughts on “It’s really none of my business

  1. We have pretty much given up watching commercial television except for a few things like my beloved football. We mostly stream shows now. But even some of the shows we do watch (not football!), often show way too much skin. Sad world!

  2. I totally agree.. Unfortunately it seems that it is becoming a trend. Less is not best.. but there are those that are promoting it.. It’s sad and disturbing..

  3. I am with you – especially on TV these days. I think there was much to be said for modesty – and personally anyone I know looks better in clothes than out of them. I don’t know that I notice so much nudity in advertisements but I cannot handle the ones that make people look like total imbeciles. Even if the imbeciles are fully clothed.

    • I see a lot of commercials with women only in bras and panties. And there is a razor commercial that just disgusts me. I agree with you on the commercials that make people look like imbeciles.

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