Some summer yummies

I have not had a garden since the 1960’s but, I enjoy the fresh foods that a garden brings.

This year I enjoyed two of my favorites and I am so grateful to all the farmers, pickers, truckers, markets and anyone else who had a part in bringing those yummies to me and others.

Delicious, tender yellow squash and zucchini. I enjoyed a lot of these steamed with onions. I also enjoyed them sauteed with onion.

Tomato compared to grapefruit

Delicious, juicy tomatoes larger than a grapefruit that was just right to eat any way I chose.

I enjoyed several tomato sandwiches with tomato slices larger than the bread slices. Those tomatoes were enjoyed with yummy eggs for breakfast and with other meals too. I will eat them with or without anything else…can you tell that I love tomatoes? LOL

Author: Mags

There are many things I enjoy and subjects I like to discuss so I decided to have a blog. You will see right away that I am not a professional blogger or writer. There is so much to be thankful for and I am grateful for all in my life. Sometimes I may need to rant or voice my opinion on some matters.

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