Old Fuddy Duddy

Never have I considered myself to be an old fuddy duddy but, I might need to rethink that. The way I see it…

A cell phone is a phone. I do not use it for anything but calls and texts.

A refrigerator is to keep food cold and fresh.

A television is to watch programs, news and movies.

A stove is for cooking food on the top or in the oven.

A computer is used for things I enjoy out in cyber space and a few other things, but it is only used like I have used a computer since I got my first one many years ago.

A toaster/convection oven is for toasting, baking and broiling.

A car is to start up and drive to where I want to go.

A car that drives itself, well I am sure not ready for that and will never be.

Many of the modern conveniences I am thankful for and enjoy having, even though some have more bells and whistles than I like.

I don’t have any desire to have them talk to me or do something for me that I can do for myself.

Maybe I am a fuddy duddy after all, but I am quite okay with that and it doesn’t bother me if anyone chooses to call me one.

I have nothing against those who enjoy things that I don’t. Keep on enjoying and be blessed. We are all different and have our likes and dislikes.

20 thoughts on “Old Fuddy Duddy

  1. Fuddy Duddy works for me! I am all for people living their modern lives but have to admit I find it funny when we go to my son’s home that ‘Alexis’ resides on the kitchen counter and is one of the family. I don’t have an Alexis, I have a Dan. He warms up the vehicle, turns down the heat, changes the channel. Dan is very handy. He knows stuff, too. But to each his own.😉

  2. I don’t know why I continue to call my cell a “phone” since I so seldom use it as one. Texts, yes, but it’s also my camera, translator, document file, information finder, podcaster, etc, etc, etc… oh, it’s also to key for my electric car. I’m not exactly cutting edge, but I guess I’m not a fuddy duddy either. 🙂 Viva la difference!

    • And that is just fine. You are not alone and my guess is there are more like you than me, but isn’t it great that we all have choices to use modern technology the way we want.

  3. It’s okay, you can be a fuddy duddy, but please don’t try to convince others to be likewise. I cannot imagine using my phone only as a phone. I carry it everywhere, especially when I travel, because I cannot carry my computer. My phone keeps me connected to the world.

    • I carry my phone with me when I am away from home, but I still don’t use it for anything but texting and calls. It is too small for me to use it for other things. 🙂
      I would never try to convince anyone to do as I do. We all are different and I am happy about that, it would be a very boring world if we were all the same.

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