It’s that time again

Christmas has come and gone. It will soon be a new year. Winter has come and it is time for change here at my place. Wishing that COVID would be a thing of the past by this time did not happen. But that will not keep me from doing what I do each winter and enjoy.

There are a lot of good, caring people in this world, and I have been blessed by some of them. Two of those good, caring people have made sure I have what I need to enjoy what I love doing in the wintertime, I appreciate them very much and I am grateful for all that they send to me. Because of them I have not bought a jigsaw puzzle in many years.

What I enjoy most during the winter months is turning on some good music and working jigsaw puzzles. The 500- or 750-piece puzzles are my favorites and I have already finished six of them. A few days ago, I started one that has a very pretty scene and 1000 pieces. The ones with 1000 pieces usually take me a long time to finish and I like getting them done in a shorter time.

But this puzzle is a doozy and could take me all winter to put it together. The pieces are small, most don’t look like what the picture on the box shows and some are not interlocking. It is a large puzzle 20″ by 27″ and a challenge for me, but I hope to stick with it and have it put together by winter’s end.

What do you enjoy doing during the winter months?

8 thoughts on “It’s that time again

  1. Happy to hear that you are settling in for the winter with a good puzzle to enjoy. They are very much a favourite of mine. I do hope to get back to doing more knitting and crocheting this winter. It seems time passes so quickly that I do not have the spare time that one would expect at this point in my life.

    • I have not done any crocheting in many years, it makes me nervous for some reason. You are right about time passing quickly. It seems some think when we become one of the elderly group we have nothing to do. There is always something to do and some days I am so busy I needed the day to be longer. LOL

  2. Good for you! And there are many kind, wonderful people still in this world. I am thinking of trying a puzzle this year. My mother did so many and well into her 90’s too. Have fun and keep blogging.

    • I am having fun and going to keep trying to blog and get that puzzle finished. It helps keep my brain working, I am in my 80’s and I will think of your mother now every time I am working on the puzzle. Thank you for sharing about her.

    • My sister loves puzzles. I have tried to do a few, but I quickly lose patience. My husband and I play Scrabble. He also paints and I love to sit with a cup of coffee by the fireplace and read.

      • Scrabble is something I enjoy, but right now have no one to play with. This puzzle is going to take a lot of patience if I get it finished, my patience is not like in my younger days. Sitting by the fireplace reading sounds great. Enjoy!

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