I’m Puzzled

How can a puzzle piece that goes missing be so difficult to find? The large jigsaw puzzle I worked on several days ago ended up having a piece missing. I knew all the pieces were in the box when it was given to me, so I had to have somehow lost it but how? I had been looking for that puzzle piece every day since I finished the puzzle and had no luck.

I was about to give up and then this morning when I wasn’t even looking for it, it was on the floor in front of me. How it came to be where it was has me puzzled. Somehow, I managed to get that piece from the dining room table, through the kitchen and into the laundry room.

There is no way I will ever know how I managed to get that puzzle piece so far from where I was working the puzzle I can only guess. The only thing I can be assured of is that it did not sprout wings and fly there. I am happy that the piece has finally been found.

Leave it to me to do something to leave myself puzzled.

20 thoughts on “I’m Puzzled

  1. I dropped half a dozen pieces from my last puzzle. Every one of them landed face down and were a perfect match for our kitchen flooring. At least they stayed in the kitchen until I found them.

  2. We have not done puzzles in a long time, but with the cold weather, we are pulling them out. Crazy how we can lose something and then it shows up in an unexpected place. Last week my husband was searching for his glasses – I noticed he had them on. We had a good laugh!

  3. My watch has gone missing. Four weeks now. I believe it was snatched by one of our kittens and carried off . I’ve gone through the house, in all their hiding places, but not found my watch. I love the watch. It’s perfect in so many ways, and it’s gone. Sigh.

    • I am so sorry, I hope you find your watch. Don’t give up and maybe it will show up at some point when you are not looking for it.

      • I have a ring that’s been missing since we moved a year ago.. We were moving that day and I had taken it off to do some last minute cleaning. I still hope I find it. I thought that I perhaps grabbed it and stuck it in a pocket or bag or something..

        • I am sorry about your ring. Hopefully you will find it. I usually find lost things when I am not looking for them. Maybe your ring will appear in a place where you least expect to see it.

  4. They pop off into another dimension. They wait until you throw away the rest of the puzzle and then they reappear. If you lean real close to the floor, you can hear them giggling.

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