Easily entertained

Since the pandemic began, I can count on one hand the places of business I have been in. I have chosen to stay home and not get out unless it is to go for a drive. I was not one to go a lot even before the pandemic. Since retiring after a remarkably busy and active life staying home feels good. My way of life did not change much with the pandemic.

I have been asked what I do every day and what keeps me busy. There is always something I can do and most of it I enjoy very much. Cleaning house and cooking I don’t enjoy but I do get it done. I want to eat, and I don’t like living in a dirty house. 🙂

It does not take much to entertain me. I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles and playing different solitaire games on the computer. I enjoy watching movies and a few television programs, working in my yard, and washing my car when weather allows. I have a large yard, so I walk around in it with my little dog when the weather is nice. If either of my neighbors are out in their yard we chat.

What entertains me most is the wildlife around my place. I enjoy watching and feeding the birds. Taking pictures of all the wildlife I see in my yard is also something I enjoy. It is so much fun to watch them and the little critters in the photos every day give me a good laugh.

He is watching me standing at the window.
I have no idea what he was doing here.
Bathing, maybe LOL
In this shot I thought he looked like he was praying.

This is only one of God’s creatures that I am happy to have around my place and enjoying my yard with me. You will see photos of other wildlife on my blog from time to time.

19 thoughts on “Easily entertained

  1. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Like you I stay home a lot. We have bird feeders just outside my patio door and I love watching the birds. We have blue jays, cardinals, junos and my favorite – doves. I play a lot of scrabble with my husband and I found a new word game – Word Wipe – which I can’t stop playing.

    • Seems we have some things in common. I have not heard of Word Wipe. I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Keep enjoying the birds and word games.

  2. Word Press says my browser is not supported. I have an account with word press. I hope you get this message, Sis.

  3. Your days sounds calm and lovely. So many of us who had go-go-go careers are enjoying this slower pace. I just went into my yard to pick some oranges off our tree. The evidence indicates that I am apparently sharing the harvest with squirrels or some other critter. There are too many oranges for us so I don’t mid sharing… I just wish they weren’t so messy.

    • Oh, how nice that you can walk out in your yard and pick oranges. I think squirrels will eat just about anything, some birds eat oranges. I clean up a lot of messes. The squirrels eat pine cones and leave their cores and shells from nuts scattered in the yard.

  4. You are so fortunate to capture your squirrels in pictures. Mine move too fast! Or I shoot too slow! I love watching the antics of three squirrels we currently have in the backyard because they have to negotiate their way around the cats who think they too should sit in the pear tree where I serve up the nuts and seeds.

    • Most of the photos I get of the squirrels are taken through the window or the glass on the door. The ones in my yard do not run away when I go out alone. My little dog chases them away if we are both outside. When he is out in the yard alone, he does not chase them, and they do not run away.

  5. I love bird watching and even, dare I say it, watching 6 big, fat gray squirrels under and in my feeders! I find gray squirrels very amusing. Even more amusing is watching B open the door and yell at them! He doesn’t really like to take a pop shot at them and I don’t blame him!

    • LOL That is why I use squirrel proof feeders and baffles on the poles where feeders aren’t squirrel proof. They do find food under the feeders that the birds drop. Those grey squirrels are amusing.

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