Ice Outside Chili Inside

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The other day I was talking to someone who was making a pot of chili. I rarely am in the mood to cook, but her chili sure sounded good, and I had not had any for a long time.

So, I got out a pot and the ingredients and started making chili. Every time I cook chili, soup, or stew I always end up with more than I wanted. It was no different this time, I even had to pour it into a larger pot before I could get all the ingredients in.

Since there was more chili than I had planned I froze some. After thinking about it I decided some chili-mac would be good. I needed some mac-and-cheese to have that and again there was more than I needed. Now my freezer has chili, mac-and-cheese, and chili-mac in it. I won’t be wanting chili for another long time.

Everything outside is covered in ice and we are still getting freezing mist, drizzle or rain off and on. After today I will get off the comfort food and back to a healthier diet. For me, this kind of weather screams for a little comfort food, just not more than I need for now.

I’m hoping it gets warm enough soon and we see sunshine melting the ice. We have not had this much ice in my area for quite some time. Praying for all those who have no electricity, have a warm place to stay.

Ice on pine and oak tree

It is sad to see all the trees that are damaged from the ice, but it is amazing to see how most of them recover. They may not look like they did before the ice, but they keep on living and doing what they are supposed to do.

6 thoughts on “Ice Outside Chili Inside

  1. Chili always seems to “grow” in my book. It looks good and I hope it tasted as good as it looks! Today is snowy here in NH. We are a long ways away from spring. Sigh!

    • The chili is very good, and it for sure grew. LOL It is barely at the freezing mark here so some ice is melting. It seems winter is just going to keep on hanging on. I finally was able to get to my mailbox and get 3 days mail.

  2. Brrr-that’s cold! The chili fixings are making me hungry, Sis. Love the pics, but I know that can’t go away fast enough. We are cold here–down in the 20’s for the next couple of nights. Snow capped peaks are towering over us. Sending warm hugs for you and some tummy tickles for Chancy Man–love ya!!

    • Oh, my, Sis it is cold at your place too. The ice here makes it seem even colder. I am so glad you enjoy seeing the pics. Sending big hugs to you and Cheryl and some tummy rubs and nose kisses for Bella. Love you!

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