Those mischievous little critters

The last few weeks I have been thinking about what I want to do in the spring to add some color to my place.

These little critters are playing a large part in my decision making. There are so many food sources in my area that it is impossible to keep them away. I love them and they give me many laughs with their antics, but they limit me to what I can do in my yard for color.

Watching me at the window.

Those little faces are just so cute, but don’t let them fool you. They can do plenty of mischief.

There was a plant in that pot for a short time.

It is no use planting seeds or bulbs. I tried that one year and they dug them up, ate them or toted them off where they could not be replanted. They even dug up the tomato plants, I replanted some of them and they just kept digging them up, so I gave up.

If I want color in my yard it will have to be in the form of flowering shrubs. I already have some of those, but I really wanted to have some potted plants on the porch this year.

This little guy hangs around so much we named him “Henry”.

Watching and waiting for me to leave the window so he can go tackle the birdfeeder to see if he can figure out a way to get to the food. Squirrel proof feeder and baffle caused his effort to be for naught.

So, with all the cute critters and no chance of them leaving I have decided to just have house plants. I have not had any plants inside for many years. I was too busy in years past to care for them. I am looking forward to having some again. I hope I have good luck with them.

I will continue to enjoy the flowering shrubs in the yard and hopefully have beautiful plants inside to enjoy.

31 thoughts on “Those mischievous little critters

  1. Hi! I tried to comment from a different device. Maybe trying for the third time will work. Squirrels are cute and fun to watch. Plants will be nice and add color.

    • Yes, it worked. Sorry I am just now getting around to approving your comment. Thank you for visiting and taking time to leave a comment. Have a great day!

  2. Good post, Frony! I always love seeing photos of squirrels. I am sorry they are such a menace for you. Maybe you could get some colorful squirrel feeders and paint flowers on them? (Ok just a suggestion πŸ˜‚).

  3. I have seen little glass houses that look like they would keep the little “nutters” out. Also I know cats don’t like citrus smells or juice spread on areas. I wonder if that would work. (Just a guess.) Sounds like you have a lot of squirrels! Good luck. By the way, you are a great photographer!!!

    • I have tried what is recommended to keep squirrels away, none worked. There are a lot of squirrels. There are also a lot of pine, nut and fruit trees for them to eat from so they are not leaving. They don’t bother any of the plants in my yard, just the ones in pots. Thank you for your generous compliment. I just point and shoot the camera does the rest.

            • I hope this is not a repeat of what I wrote but I had to sign into WordPress and may have lost my comment.. Squirrels are cute and fun to watch. One time we were camping in a tent, for quite a while. We started giving them peanuts. One day we left to buy groceries and when we got back one had chewed a hole in our tent. We learned a lesson from that. We patched it with duck tape. Indoor plants will be nice and offer some color.

              • Sorry about your tent. I don’t feed them but they look for food under the bird feeders. They have no need to do that, there is a pecan grove nearby, pine trees and oak trees galore in my yard and all surrounding areas. They cannot get in the bird feeders. Since I do not feed them, maybe that is why they dig up and tear up my pot plants. I hope the tape held well on your tent.

                • It eventually went by the wayside.. That same time we have a bear get into our jeep. It was soft top. I left some food in it, or candy. I don’t remember but he did tweak the window frame and left a greasy hand print on the door.. lol

                  • Oh, my! You have had some experiences with bears. Bears have been within 3 to 4 miles of my place but never any nearer that we know of.

    • Thank you for the link. They only get into what I plant in pots. I have tried some of the plants they say squirrels don’t like and they still dug them out. I will go check out the link and see what I can try that I haven’t tried so far. Thank you for wishing me luck.

    • I checked out the link. I have daffodils, lilies, hydrangeas and irises in my yard. The squirrels never bother them. It is what I plant in pots that they destroy. I want some pretty pot plants on my porch, but I guess I will have to give up on that idea and be satisfied with once again having them inside. Thank you again so much for sending the link. I am sorry those little critters dug up and ate your crocus bulbs.

  4. Oh what a post, Sis! Those squirrels on enjoying your yard and plants to the max ! The squirrels around our place love eating the flowers, but they are picky about which ones. Between the squirrels and the wasps, Cheryl stays busy-LOL I get to watch the entertainment. Spring is definitely in the air. The stone fruit and almond trees have bloomed and the allergies are also in th air-LOL Love seeing your blog today. Sending some huge hugs and love your way and some tummy rubs for Sweet Chancy Man.

    • Sis, you could be very well entertained around here. There are more squirrels than I can keep count of and there are wasps too. They keep me busy so I know about what Cheryl deals with. With all the trees around here that provide food for those little critters one would think they would not even notice my pot plants. I wonder if they do it because I don’t feed them or if they do it for entertainment. LOL Weather here is still up and down. We had tornadoes and now they say we have a mixture of frozen stuff coming. I am ready for it to settle and be spring. Sorry about the allergy issues, we are having those too. Sending tons of hugs to you and Cheryl and tons of tummy rubs and nose kisses for sweet Bella.

      • Oh Sis! Sorry to hear that cold weather is coming your way! It’s truly lovely here as the trees bud and everything turns green again. I bet our squirrels would get into our potted plants, but they are in the house-LOL Gotta love everything by Mother Nature πŸ™‚ Thank you for the hugs. Bella loves her tummy rubs and nose kisses. Wishing you and Chancy Man safety and warmth from the cold. Love you and Sweet Chancy Man ❀

        • I hope this will be the last cold spell for the year. They are forecasting a winter mix in my area, but nothing like the last one. I can only imagine how beautiful it is there with beautiful spring beginning to show her colors. I will have to settle for house plants inside, I can live with that. Your potted plants are gorgeous. We thank you for the hugs. Chancy Man rolls over all fours in the air and gets those tummy tickles you send to him. Love you all, sweet Sis. Big hugs all around and tummy rubs and nose kisses for sweet, little Bella.

    • You are right about them being destructive. I have not found any as of yet. The didn’t eat the merigolds, but dug them out of the pot. They either eat the plants or dig them out of the pots. I may try some flower that I haven’t tried in the past and maybe I will come up with one or more eventually that they will leave alone. One can hope!

  5. Could you have some sort of hanging plants or is that, too, an invitation for dinner? One morning recently, I looked outside and there were 8, count them, 8, squirrels under a feeder! Yikes! That is too many even for me.

    • Yes, I have tried hanging plants. If they don’t eat them, they dig them out of the pots. One would think with all the nut and pine trees around here they would not need to look for food in my flower posts, but they do. I have learned they are not real picky about what they eat, but if it is something they don’t want to eat they destroy it.

      • Sounds like raccoons. There used to be an old saying, “You are just like a racoon, what you don’t eat or **** on, you tear up.” I had squirrels when we first moved here, but all they messed with was my bird feeders. When all the feral cats showed up, the squirrels left. I have seen one in the last 12 years and it was just last year. Now if I could only raccoon proof the bird feeders. I settle for just bringing them in every night.

        • I know it is squirrels I have seen them. There are raccoons here and I caught one eating out of one of the bird feeders a few years ago. After that I changed locations for some of the bird feeders and now have all squirrel proof feeders and or poles with baffles that keep squirrels and raccoons out.

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