Not my favorite time

The night was okay it did bring me some sleep. I arose later than usual, wobbled down the hall to the bathroom only bumping into the wall once.

Getting dressed for the day my big toe got hung on the hem of my jeans. As stiff as I am in the early morning my body is not a fan of bending down low enough to get my toe loose from the hem of the jeans.

I shook and shook my leg, but that toe just kept hanging on to the leg of the jeans. After a few tries I was able to bend down and get the toe and hem separated.

After getting dressed I completed the usual morning things to have me ready for the day. Then I couldn’t find my glasses so I started looking for them and finally found them on my face. LOL I did not remember putting them on nor thought about me being able to see so well.

After a couple of times forgetting what I was going to do my brain came to life and I remembered, and got them done.

Laughing at myself is one thing I do well and I do a lot of it. Laughter is good medicine, even if it is mostly laughing at ones self.

So much for me and the first morning of the time change. I much prefer the time we changed from. I grew up on that time. The daylight savings time and me do not get along well.

I do better just before the time changes again, but never really get adjusted to the daylight savings time.

Do you live where the time changes in the fall and spring? How do you do with it?

29 thoughts on “Not my favorite time

  1. This gave me a laugh. I can so relate. My arthritis makes me stiff in the morning. Slowly as I move about I get better. My husband says I am like a semi-truck. Slow to start but then start moving on. We change times here also – and I always hate getting adjusted to the different times.

  2. Well, you described my morning so well. As a granny I have mornings jusy like this. I detest dalight savings time – I am always losing my glasses – I forget why I entered a room and sleep is hard to come by. I laugh at myself constantly and thank God for each day he gives me on this beautiful earth.

    • I am so glad I found your blog, it is a blessing to find others who are much like myself. I am also thankful for every day God allows me to be here and be able to do the things I need to with his help.

  3. Oh my how I can relate to this post. I spend a lot of mornings staggering around and trying to find my glasses. I laugh at myself all the time. I love this world God created for us and find comfort in nature’s beauty.

  4. Our time stays the same in Saskatchewan BUT it takes us a week to figure out what time our shows are on and what time everyone else is on. I hear you on the getting dressed in the morning. Our room has blackout curtains so Dan can sleep in the day when he works nights. I generally end up with something on backward or inside out. Real elegant. πŸ™„

    • They are trying to stop the time change and I hope they succeed. If it passes the time will stay on DST, not my choice, but I can learn to live with it if they will just stop changing it. I had never thought of the issues those of you have with the time changing here but not there. Oh, my there is no way I could get dressed in the dark.

      • Here the people are always complaining that they want the time change. It is no wonder politicians can never agree on anything. None of their constituents can either. πŸ˜‚ I have been getting dressed in the dark for years and I have never gotten good at it. πŸ™„

  5. I get used to it after a while. I actually did not even realize it was time for the change until I got up this morning and the clock said one thing and the computer said an hour later.

  6. Your days sound like mine!! Ha! I’m in New England, and we still have the time changes – and I am all for getting rid of them, because the only purpose they serve, I think, is to mess us all up! Ha!

    • Glad we can laugh about our days, Anita. I totally agree with you on getting rid of the time changes and the purpose they serve.

  7. I’m a big fan of daylight savings so I don’t mind the lost hour at all (of course, this is much easier to say now that I’m retired). I love the extra light at the end of the day and it signals warmer weather to come. Our state voted to keep daylight savings year-round a couple of years ago but, so far, it hasn’t happened. Hang in there!

    • I would be fine with either if they would settle on one and no changes. I am hoping your state will come around and do what the people voted for. I guess we will just keep hanging in and hoping it happens for us both.

  8. That was quite the morning! I have never adjusted well to DST. When I worked, I was often almost sick from it. I would much prefer to stay on Eastern Standard Time. I am glad, though, that I am not the only person who doesn’t adjust well to the change.

    • We are not alone in not adjusting to DST, I know others. The change messes up our sleep patterns and many other things. That can’t be a good thing.

  9. Hi, Frony. I go to sleep between 10 and 10:300. So it doesn’t affect me quite as much. Plus I was a night shift nurse until 10 years ago and was used to being short of sleep occasionally. But the more behind I got the harder it was to sleep sometimes. My highest concern now is that my cat who normally wakes me up at i AM will be waking me up at 5 AM!

  10. I hear this post loud and clear, Sis!! I can hang my whole foot up in a hem–that takes true talent. Forgetting? I’m an expert! Time change? Let me count the hours spent trying to figure out not only the time, but also the day. ” I do not like time change!” says me! As you can see, I don’t handle time change too well πŸ™‚ Sending huge hugs for you and Sweet Chancy Man ❀

    • No wonder we get along so well, we are two of a kind. Hang in there Sis, we may be in our golden years, but we are hanging in and that is what matters. Love and tons of hugs to you, Cheryl and sweet Bella.

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