Early morning blessing

On this day 2 years ago.

It was 5:55 a.m. and except for the streetlights and the yard light it was still dark outside. I heard the beautiful song of the little wren that sits at my window most mornings around 7:30 a.m. and sings for me.

Carolina wren enjoying sunshine after several days of rain.

Those little wrens sing off and on throughout the day at my place, but I have not heard one that early since that day.

We had had rain for several days and that was the first day without rain for a few hours, more rain was coming. That was a special blessing to hear that beautiful song before dawn.

So many little things can make a difference to us just at the right time. We can make a difference in someone’s life by doing something that seems small to some but would be a big blessing to others.

We should never stop being respectful and kind to others and being thankful for the beauty that surrounds us in nature.

21 thoughts on “Early morning blessing

  1. So true Frony! It is funny how you can see something like the Grand Canyon or Niagara falls and it is truly amazing and all but if you are going through a difficult time and everything is rather dreary, a tiny wild field flower can make such a massive difference in our day.

  2. What a blessing! I always say that it is the “little” things in life that mean so much. I am thankful I learned that lesson sooner rather than later.

    • I agree with you. So much is missed by those who do not stop long enough to see or hear and enjoy all the little things.

  3. Beautiful post, Sis. That little wren and song story made my day. I feel so blessed to have sweet bird song outside my windows. Bird song was my delight as a child. I would sit on my tricycle, watch, and listen–terrific memory. Your posts always share kindness and caring, Sweet Sis. Thank you. Sending huge hugs for you and some nose kisses and tummy tickles for Chancy Man. ❤

    • Sis, you are so sweet and generous with your comments. I am so happy you have sweet bird song to enjoy at your window. We all are blessed to have the birds. You are welcome! Hugs hugs for all of you and some nose kisses and tummy rubs for sweet Bella. Love you!

    • The little Carolina chickadees come to my feeders too. Both the wrens and the chickadees are cute little birds. Enjoy the birds and thanks for coming by and commenting.

  4. The little wrens are my favorite birds. I often hear them just as dawn appears when I am outside trying to capture that perfect sunrise. Yes, we need to show kindness to others – this world needs all the kindness we can bestow on others. Even a smile brightens someone else’s whole day.

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