Had to say Goodbye

One of the reasons I chose to live where I do is because there are many beautiful trees not only in my area but in the state. We lost a few trees in our yard due to wind or ice storms. The ones remaining in the yard are beautiful no matter the season.

Summer season
Beautiful autumn colors
Another autumn

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to a beautiful oak tree that stood proudly in the backyard for 50 years. It had issues and could have fallen on my home and the neighbor’s home. I will miss the tree very much as will the birds and squirrels but sometimes we just have to say goodbye for the safety of all.

50-year-old oak tree July 13, 2022

I am both sad and happy. I am sad it is gone but relieved I no longer have to be concerned that it could have fallen and done a lot of damage and possibly taken lives.

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  1. Mags, I am so sorry that you had to lose your beautiful oak tree (and that it had to be such an expensive loss!), but I am glad you are safer for having done so. Fifty years does not seem old for an oak tree. There is (supposedly) a five hundred year old oak tree in a town where I lived as a small child. There seems to be a few that had some serious years on them – very gnarly with thick trunks. We went there a few years ago and thought they were amazing.

    • Thank you, Anne! Oak trees are amazing and some do live many years longer than the one in my yard, it was dying and leaning toward my home and the neighbors. I really miss the tree with its wonderful shade and home for birds and squirrels it provided.

  2. Wow, Mags! What a tough decision you had to make. But it is obviously the only right one in this case. Maybe you can plant one of its acorns somewhere safe, where it could grow without having to be cut down.

    • No good place in my yard to have another tree that would grow that large. There are 6 trees in my yard and the immediate neighbors have that many or more in their yard. No shortage of trees in my community.

  3. Wow Mags, that is quite a tree. But like you said safety first, and the peace that will follow will make a difference. 😊 Do you use wood for heat? That’s a lot of wood. Take care!

    • Yes, it was an extra large willow oak, very tall and very wide. It took 5 men 8 hours to get the tree down and taken away. No, I don’t have wood heat but there are some of my neighbors that do. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love being around forests but have come to realize how dangerous it is to live in a forest because of fire risk or the real chance that one of those huge branches will come crashing through the roof in a violent wind storm. Our retirement resort has lots of trees around but they are small and under roof level. However there are large trees by the lakes within walking distance and I love visiting there and breathing the air they so generously provide us.

    • I am happy to hear you have a place to visit and breathe the air the trees provide. I am thankful there are still a lot of trees in my area.

    • There have been a lot of 50+ year old trees fall in my area the last year or so. Some lost their life when they fell too. Thank you Janis I know I sure am relieved and feel much safer now.

  5. Like you say, sometimes you just have to say good-bye. We are lucky as any trees that have to come down, we generally, especially oak, use for firewood. Sort of a win-win for us Northerners.

    • That is good. I had no way to use the wood. Some in my area have fir places but not me. The last time we lost a tree my son-in-law took a lot of it for firewood.

  6. Sad to lose a majestic oak. We have one in our yard I would like to remove – just as you did in your yard. My husband refuses to remove it due to the cost. Yet, this tree will fall someday and most likely take most of the house with it. I believe this tree is about 60 or 65 years old. Glad you have eliminated the worry.

    • I understand the hesitancy to remove the tree due to cost. The larger the tree the more thousands of dollars to take it down.

      • Yes, most of us don’t have the money to have a tree removed. I moved my bedroom into a room further from the tree – in hopes of living through a fallen tree episode. Hope you are staying cool in this hot weather.

  7. Sis, I know it was difficult to say goodbye to such a beautiful oak tree. They are huge as your pics show. They can be deadly and dangerous. They are also a friend in the seasons of the years and our lives. Huge hugs Sweet Sis. ❀ ❀

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