Thinking and Wondering

Why do I keep a blog? The main reason is that I have met some wonderful people and enjoy reading their posts. Once in a great while I enjoy posting something myself.

Some of these wonderful blogging friends gave some good suggestions for me on my last post. I’ve cut down my To-Do list from 13 to 3 and that has been a surprising success.

I’ve tried something new. I campaigned for someone running for office in my city in a runoff election. I have never been so involved in an election. I have also been nominated to serve on a committee for the city. Time will tell if I feel that I should continue with that.

For several years I have had three email addresses and lately I have been wondering why. Emailing is something I have not enjoyed for a long time. I think Skype has had a part in that. I truly do enjoy being able to be on Skype with those that in the past we used email to stay connected.

If you follow my blog, you know that cooking is something I do as little of as possible. Since my last post I’ve cooked more than I have in years. I have cooked not only for myself but for Chancy and we both enjoy having something different to eat sometimes. Chancy loves home cooked chicken and rice and eats it like a little pig to my surprise.

Someone gave me two books. I have only a few pages left to read, and I will be finished with “Where the Crawdads Sing” and I have enjoyed the book. I plan to watch the movie as soon as I finish the book.

Speaking of movies, I watched “The Legend of Molly Johnson” the other night. Oh, my, what a great movie and actors. It called for a lot of tissues and my sinuses were a mess, but I sure enjoyed the movie.

Just maybe I will get myself back to some regularity posting on my blog in 2023.

Wishing you all a wonderful, successful, and blessed year.

27 thoughts on “Thinking and Wondering

  1. Loved your blog, Mags. How exciting that you are getting involved in politics. Is this a new thing for you? Good people are so needed in every level of politics – whether actually running or supporting good people who are.

    1. Thank you Anne. Yes, this is a first for me to be so involved in politics. I have served on several boards and committees in the past but they were not of the political nature. With some new city leaders now it will be interesting to see how all goes.

      1. Good luck. We changed our mayor and several councillors a couple of years ago. It hasn’t gone as well as everyone had hoped. (But then everybody in this city has their own pet project that they want the city to finance so taxes go up).

  2. Mags, for some reason I thought I had already been following your blog, but found out that I am not. So I rectified that today. Thank you for reading my blog and leaving kind comments. I appreciate you and hope to encourage you in the same way from now on. Have a blessed day!

  3. Sounds good Mags. I have picked up on my reading a bit to. I have read one Sandra Dallas books and it was good. I have a few other things in mind. Time will tell. Much happiness, peace and joy to you this New Year..

  4. Hello Mags! Do the things you enjoy, in your own time, and don’t worry about a schedule! 🙂 Have a very Happy New Year, and enjoy the many wonderful things that will come into your life! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Anita. Hoping for a wonderful year in 2023 for you. Bless you for all the encouragement. I hope to be brave and say “no” when I need to. Life is too short to not be at peace and happy with what we do.

  5. Hi Mags. Have wondered what you were doing and now I know. Glad you are getting involved and finding thingds to enrich your daily routine. Keep your blog. If you only post twice at year – at least you can interact with other bloggers on their posts. Happy New Year and may God bless you this year. 😊❤️

  6. My, you have been busy and done a lot! I never knew a dog who didn’t like chicken and rice! My cousin cooked it for her picky poodle and added spinach. Yay for you for volunteering! I have been thinking of doing so for my precinct. The same women have been holding down the fort for the last 19 years here so I think it is time for me to lend a hand as well. Happy New Year to you!

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