Sure Going To Miss Some Of Those Goodies

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Cheese burgers, ice cream, deviled eggs, biscuits and gravy, meatloaf, sea food, pork chops, vegetable beef stew, nuts, citrus fruit, baked potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate are just a few of the foods I enjoyed for many years, but now will be foods of the past.

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Food allergies have given me a challenge for sure. It is not easy to find foods that I can eat to prevent health issues. When I do find some that I think I may like they are not available anywhere in my area.

What I can eat is chicken, turkey, colored vegetables and foods that are gluten free. I can eat some fruits but they have to be in limited amounts.

There are a few gluten free things that I have found and like, but I still have a long way to go to find more foods that I can eat without issues.

I’ve been searching the internet and stores for foods, but I am finding very few. I would like suggestions if anyone has some for me that I may not have found that would do.

Gluten free recipes using chicken or turkey and colored vegetables (cauliflower the only white vegetable) would be helpful if you have some you would share.

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  1. I am so sorry, Mags. The one thing we have in retirement is the time to enjoy foods we love. Having to cut so many of your favourite foods out of your diet would be a loss for sure. I don’t have any advice off the top of my head but my DIL has been diagnosed with Celiac disease recently. She loves to cook/bake and eat so I am sure she will have a few good recipes that I can share with you when we go there in May for our granddaughters graduation. I will keep you in mind.

  2. Good for you Mags, for being determined to, incorporate a healthier eating lifestyle. If I come across anything that would help you out, I will send it your way.

  3. Do you have a Whole Foods or Sprouts or Trader Joe’s in your community? They all carry a large variety of gluten free foods, canned and frozen. If not one of those, perhaps some other health food store? Good luck with the food issues. It is hard.

    • Thank you, for the suggestions. None of those stores are near me. I am finding some things in a couple of places so I am making progress. Thank you and you are right that it is hard, but I am determined to do it so that I feel better and stay healthy. I am thankful for all that is out there to help us who need to have special diets. Hopefully the availability of those foods will continue to grow.

    • You probably don’t remember me. Back when I had cats I followed your blog. After my last cat crossed the bridge I started a different blog, kept it awhile and stopped blogging for several months. I started this blog recently. I always enjoyed reading your posts about Mr. Bowie. My cats were Patches, Snookums and PhoohGirl. I was happy when I ran across your blog yesterday. Thank you Herman for coming by and commenting. I hope you are doing well.

  4. Sis, so sorry you are having to eliminate favorite food groups. I am allergic to certain things used in food preservation and one of those is processed turkey. I’m also allergic to sulfites. Sometimes it is used and isn’t on the label. Hope you can find a gluten-free cookbook. Love you Sweet Sis. ❤ ❤

    • Thank you sweet Sis. I am sorry that you have to watch what you eat also. As much as I dislike cooking I am hoping to find enough things I can eat so that I need to do very little cooking, especially in the summer. I will check in to gluten free cookbooks and hope to find tasty recipes so I can use them in the cold weather months. I don’t mind cooking some when it is cold. Love you sweet Sis, hugs for you and sweet Cheryl and nose kisses for sweet Bella.

      • Sis-We thank you for the hugs and Bella thanks you for the nose kisses. I still do some cooking, but I’m always looking for excuses to stay out of the kitchen–LOL It’s biscuits and eggs tonight. We send you some hugs and love and some bodacious nose kisses and tummy tickles for Sweet Chancy Man. ❤ ❤

        • I am with you on making excuses to stay out of the kitchen, Sis. 🙂 It seems I may need to spend more time there and cook though if I want to be able to be healthy and feel better. These allergies are messing with my enjoyable retirement years. 😦 Love to you all from Chancy and me. ❤

  5. I hear you. All that good stuff we really enjoyed without a care for the world suddenly becomes our enemy in one way or another 🙂 However it’s still good to be alive in spite of that.

  6. Your Area Agency on Aging might be able to provide some assistance about reliable services and information and how to locate it. They provide care assessment and coordination for referrals at no cost. At the least, it is worth a phone call to see. That is a pretty big list of foods to avoid and finding recipes or options would be daunting. It is especially important to maintain adequate nutrition in light of all the other foods you mentioned, so a nutritionist or dietician could also be very helpful. The added benefit is it will be tailored to your individual needs.

    • Thank you for the information. I first want to do this on my own and if I don’t come up with what I need my health insurance has information on where I can go to get help. My blog friends is another place I wanted to check for recipe ideas, there are good cooks among them some of who know a lot about food and special diets. Thank you again for the information, you are kind, helpful and caring.

  7. Boy. That is a tough one especially with the other food allergies. Can the doctor’s office provide some guidance? What about a dietician or nutritionist. Could they help? Please keep us posted.

  8. Oh, I understand your dilemma. One of my daughters was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple years ago. She must eat totally gluten-free and it was a difficult challenge for her. But she’s doing so well with it now. It takes a lot of dedication to finding the right recipes and special gluten-free items, but her husband helps her a lot with it. It’s also challenging because they love to travel and she must seek out gluten-free restaurants before they go on their trips. When they come to visit (they live in another state), I always make gluten-free meals and have gluten-free snacks available for her. I even downloaded an app on my cell phone that will scan products in the grocery stores and show me if they contain gluten or not. It’s a process, that’s for sure and I wish you much success with it.

    • Thank you so much, what you have shared is encouraging to me. I am just in the beginning stages of the journey and I am finding foods that I can eat and use for cooking. I do a lot of label reading. I am making progress and I am thankful for all who that are providing the foods people like your daughter and myself need. Interesting about the app you have on your phone, I will check that out.

  9. In my house, we know all about dietary challenges. We at low carb and mostly vegan. Good luck! There are a lot of good nondairy products out there, but they might not go along with other allergies you have.

    • Thank you! I have found an oat drink that I can use on the cereal that I can eat. So far that is working well for me. Good luck to you as well.

  10. There is a section of foods in Wal Mart that are gluten free. I went through the gluten thing for years, but later found that was not my problem. I am on a cholesterol diet for clogged arteries. It is a hard diet to follow too. My daughter has food allergies and makes up her own recipes, which involve much work and preparation time. Good luck on staying healthy. I miss sugar products and fried products. We buy beef from a near by farmer who raises range feed beef. I bake a lot of foods, which helps. I lost 25 pounds in a year on this cholesterol diet. You can buy cookbooks for allergies and other medical problems.

    • I found that section at Walmart a few days ago and I am so thankful they have it. I am losing weight too which is a plus with having to cut out most all foods I was eating and love. Breads, potatoes and ice cream are so far the foods I miss most. I am sorry to hear you have clogged arteries problem. I do not like to cook but I am finding that I will need to do more of that. Thank you for telling me about the cookbooks, I will check on them. I wish you the best Peggy stay health and safe.

      • Good luck on your new diet Mags. I buy those round rice cakes at wall mart and top them with things I can eat. They are gluten free. You usually find them near the oatmeal. They are dry, but better than nothing.

        • I thought of rice cakes the other day. They would work well to spread what I can eat on. I will put them on my grocery list. Thanks for reminded me of them, I had already forgotten after thinking of them the other day. My memory seems to be short lived on some things.

  11. My daughter in law is extremely gluten intolerant. I think she is a member of a Facebook group for people with gluten intolerance. Restaurants with Gluten-free menus are out there. Have you Googled them? Also Mexican restaurants who use corn meal for tacos, etc. May be safe. She always asks and let’s them know she can’t eat food with flour in them. I’ll see her today and ask for restaurants she finds safe. Also some Asian restaurants are safe.

  12. Sorry to hear this. My granddaughter has had stomach issues for a long time and we recently discovered she is dairy intolerant. Since leaving dairy out she is doing much better. Good luck on your search for gluten free recipes.

    • I am happy your granddaughter is doing much better. Thank you, I am already doing better with what I have eliminated from my diet so far.

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