Moving right along

Learning a new way of eating is so far doing pretty well. I’m learing ways to use oats, rice and soy. Some of what I have experienced with has turned out to my liking. You that have sent links to websites with recipes or made suggestions has been a big help and much appreciated.

I made chili using ground turkey instead of beef. I do not use tomatoes in chili. The chili was tasty and I enjoyed it very much. I have always liked Frito chili pie so I didn’t know if I would like the chili with turkey and without cheese. I sprinkled a few Fritos (they are gluten free) on the chili and did not miss the cheese at all. Since Fritos are very salty I did not salt the chili.

The ready to eat gluten free breads I do not like, I tried different brands. I have ordered some gluten free flour and baking mix that my sister told me about. I will make biscuits, pancakes and waffles with it.

I’ve found a dairy free milk replacement that works great on the gluten free cereals. I am going to experiment with it to see if I can do my own recipes to make some foods that I enjoy. I am hoping whatever I want to make will not know the difference in the milk replacement and milk. 🙂

Feel free to send links or recipes you think may be of help to me. All help is appreciated and thank you in advance.

Stay well and safe everyone. Hugs and blessings to all!

15 thoughts on “Moving right along

  1. My granddaughter has recently had to give up dairy and dairy products. She loves banana pudding and I have made some for her using almond milk. However, the pudding does not seem to get very thick with the almond milk. Kind of runny. Any idea what other substitute might work?

    • I can’t use the almond milk because of the nut allergy. I am using Silk but I have not tried making pudding with it. I love banana pudding too so I need to see if I can figure out a way to make some. If I do I will share it. I just thought of something…I wonder if you could use a little cornstarch to thicken it up a bit.

  2. So glad you have started mastering a plan for your gluten free diet. I had to put my husband on a special kidney diet last week. Takes work changing what you eat. Continued success to you Mags.

  3. Yes as I’ve got older some of the foods I used to look forward to no longer agree with me so it takes a while to transition to the new reality in eating. Milk and sugar combinations like ice cream don’t sit well with me so I use substitutes like soya milk or almond milk.

  4. Sis, we are so happy you have discovered recipes and plan to add your own fixins’. Meal times are difficult when allergies get in the way. Sending huge hugs to you and some nose kisses and tummy tickles to sweet Chancy Man. ❤ ❤

    • Sis without the great help I am getting I would not be doing as well as I am. One of my nephews is on a gluten free diet and his mom, my sister has been a big help in sharing with me things he has found to help. Some of my blog friends and others have given me suggestions and links to websites that are helping very much. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. I hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for the hugs. Chancy loved his nose kisses and tummy tickles. We send huge hugs to you, sweet Sis and sweet Cheryl. Tons of nose kisses and tummy rubs from Chance and me for sweet Bella.

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