They are still alive

Back in September of 2022 I decided to after many years try having house plants again. My brother and his wife had sent me a beautiful peace lily when my daughter passed away and that was my start.

Some how these are surviving. I think it is a blessing rather than what I am doing that they are thriving. I have forgotten just about all I ever knew about raising house plants so I have done a lot of talking to the plants and praying.

This plant was about 4 to 5 inches tall when I purchased it. I have re-potted it twice. It out grew the pot quickly. I don’t remember the name of the plant.

The peace lily has outgrown its pot and needs to be re-potted it is beginning to put out blooms so that will need to wait a bit. I hope it does as well being re-potted as the other plant did.

I am very pleased with these two plants they are the ones that are doing the best. Two of the plants I purchased did not make it. I will replace them with other kinds when I decide what I want to try next and hope for success with them. I am thankful for the internet to help with how to care for the plants, especially those I am not familiar with or not had before.

28 thoughts on “They are still alive

  1. That lily plant is beautiful, Mags. My daughter just brought me a spider plant and an ivy that are in desperate need of saving. I’m not sure if I can help them, but as long as I don’t finish them off, I will claim a win.

    • You are not the only one, someone very dear to me claims she also has a black thumb. I’m finding at my age it is not as easy as it was in my younger days. I had no trouble growing anything I chose too back then. I have no idea what has made the difference now.

    • Thank you my sweet friend. You always give me smile or laugh. Those artificial ones work without having to work to keep them alive. Sounds like a good plan to me. 🙂

  2. Good for you!! I used to have philedendron vines and African Violets. I had a peace lily too. But I got two cats and was worried about which plants were poisonous for cats, I gave the plants away. Yours looks quite healthy! You must have a green thumb! Keep up the good work and be sure to talk to them. 😊

  3. Your plants are beautiful, Sweet Sis. Your green thumb is working its magic. 🙂 I have lost many plants over the years, but I’ve also had success. One of my plants is 37 years old. It’s survived moves and numerous replants–a true surviver. Thank you for sharing the love and joy that a plant can give. Hugs Sweet Sis. ❤ ❤

    • Thank you, sweet Sis. I was so surprised to see the peace lily is going to bloom, I know yours is beautiful. 37 years that is amazing! I don’t think I have ever known anyone to have a house plant that long. You are the one with a green thumb. Love and hugs Sis. <3<3

  4. I too have forgotten about how to raise house plants. My daughter gave me 3 plants. I have been struggling for months trying to keep them alive. Maybe my heart is not in it. Your plants look good.

    • I struggled with two trying to keep them alive, but failed. I don’t do well with those that require a lot of special attention. Thank you, Peggy. I hope your plants hang on and do well for you.

  5. I have been trying for several years to also get back into the house plant thing. I feel your pain and joy! Everything I read says they are good for the inside climate of your house. I love your peace lily!

    • I hope you can get back into house plants. They are good for the inside climate and other things inside the home. There are certain ones that are good to have in the room one sleeps in. I plan to get some of those. I love the peace lily too. It is the one I thought I could not keep alive because of the water in my area. The plants do not do well on city water because of what is put in it. I figured out a way to take care of that situation so now it is doing great.

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