The strongest woman I have ever known

Because my father did not choose his wife and children as a priority my precious mother was left to take care of my sister and me with no help. It was back in the day when there was no help in situations like this.

There is no way I can imagine how she must have felt knowing she had no money, no job, no help and two little girls to take care of. She did not let that keep her from finding a job and a place to live. We always had a home, food and clothing. She worked long hours and worked hard. I am grateful God chose her to be my mother.

Trust me when I say that I tried this sweet lady to the limit. I was angry, stubborn and turned a lot of anger on my mother. If I knew I was doing something wrong and would be punished, I did it anyway. Some things she would tell me not to do I would do them anyway.

My behavior was certainly a huge challenge, but my sweet mother never gave up on me. Some of the punishments I still remember but now as an adult what I remember most often are the times I was doing something wrong and knew that my mother was praying for me and loved me.

Many times, over the years, I have remembered things that I did and I would call my mother and ask her to forgive me and she always did.

My sweet mother left this life for the next several years ago, but I still feel her with me. I don’t know if she can pray where she is but if she can I know she is still praying for me.

My sister and I are strong women because we were raised by a strong woman.

30 thoughts on “The strongest woman I have ever known

  1. Bless your Sweet Mom, you, and your sister. My Mom and Grandmother raised me–I was a handful at times! I can’t express the gratitude I hold for my two moms and all the love they bestowed on me. Thank you for sharing Sweet Sis. I’ve been rolling through my memories. ❤ ❤

  2. Lovely tribute to your mother. Those of us who had strong, praying mothers were truly blessed. I think so often of my paternal grandmother who I never knew since she died when I was a baby. She somehow made ends meet after my grandfather died in 1920 when my dad, the youngest of 6 children, was only 9 months old. I could only hope to be as strong as she must have been.

    • You are right that those of us who had strong, praying mothers were truly blessed. Thank you for coming by and commenting. Have a blessed day.

  3. God bless you, your sister, and your mother. Although I am not a mother, I can see traits in animals that occur in humans too. God bless all women! What a world it would be without us! Okay, there would not be a world but you know what I mean.

  4. My grandmother had to bring up my father and his two brothers alone when my dad was only 12 years old. That was in the early 1930’s. He became the man of the house at that early age and made sure he treated his own family with love and respect for the rest of his life. I was very fortunate to learn under my wonderful parents and like you did try their patience too many times during my foolish teen years.

    • Thank you for sharing this about your grandmother, your dad and his brothers. My sister and I had to take on the chores around the house when we were very young. I understand your brother becoming the man of the house. I was given the responsibility of watching over my younger sister. Our life with a single mom started in the 1940.’s.

  5. There’s a song that says, 🎶There ought to be a hall of fame for mama’s.🎶 It’s amazing just how far a mother’s love will go when it comes to her children. By the way, that’s a cool looking arch top guitar!

    • I agree how far a mother’s love will go when it comes to her children. We have no idea what happened to her guitar. I have fond memories of her picking and singing to us before the guitar disappeared.

            • She was probably more surprised than anything that I turned out as well as I did. 🙂 Her love and prayers is what turned me around. Thank you for the hugs and I send hugs to you my friend. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

              • I made a decision my parents didn’t like. But they loved me and forgave me. I still feel sorrow that I hurt them so badly over marrying a man they disapproved of. I still love them dearly. My pleasure to read your posts.

                • I know that kind of sorrow myself. I hurt my mother so many times and I so wish there was a way to take it all back. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. As always I will be looking forward to reading your next blog post.

                  • Thank you so much! The weird thing is my marriage lasted 37 years. We had one son and I was the one who loved my husband besides his mother and sister. I think I was called to help him through poorly controlled diabetes, a stroke , and finally right sided heart failure. What I went through with him made me grow up and realize that I was stronger than I had known. I grew up. Perhaps the saying is true: The obstacle is the pathway.

                    • We have some things in common. My husband and I were told by those that did not approve of our marriage it would not last. We were married 46 years. He had 4 strokes and later developed dementia. I was his only caregiver.

                    • Oh my goodness! How very strange!! My parents got into Fundamental Baptist. My husband went to New Orleans Baptist Seminary. He was a good man, but he was “a liberal”. There were other things that they didn’t like at first but after we saw each other secretly for a year after my parents broke us up. We had been dating for 7 years. I loved him. His mother came with him and we all talked it out somehow. It was a hard time at first . But we worked it out.

                    • My mother was Assembly of God and my husband was Catholic. After my mother got to know my husband she loved him very much. We got it all worked out with the other family members also.

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