Beautiful Mornings

The last two mornings Chancy and I woke before daylight. I completed the usual inside morning chores and by that time the sun was coming up over the mountain.

The weather was perfect for getting out and doing some things I had been wanting to do. Low humidity and temperature in the 50’s comfortable to do outside work.

As some of you already know my little Chancy man loves to dig. When he was a puppy, I picked a spot in the corner of the yard and taught him to do his digging there. We called it “Chancy’s Garden”. When we worked in the yard, I would tell him to go dig in his garden and he would run to it and dig as fast as he could.

Chancy resting

He nor I are spring chickens for sure but we both can still get around and enjoy doing some work outside I am most grateful for us being able to still do that.

Yesterday morning I started pruning some shrubs. Chancy stayed with me because he loves to help when limbs are being cut. After that we walked around our large backyard for a while.

This morning while I was doing more pruning, picking up rocks, and raking up some pine needles Chancy worked in his garden. He was so proud of himself, he barked for me to go see the roots he had dug up. I went to see and let him know he was a good boy and did an excellent job. Roots are his favorite thing to dig up. He pulls and pulls on them until he can break them or pull them out of the ground and put them in a pile.

The cooler weather and being able to get outside and do something has lifted my spirits. I have also done some work inside. I will get more done when the weather stripping for the entry doors arrives and I can get the doors ready for winter weather, I finished getting the windows ready a couple of days ago.

It felt so good to be outside in the cool temperature and feeling the breeze as I worked.

Prayers for all in the path of the hurricane.

What to do at 82

It all began approximately 3 1/2 years ago. Visits, phone calls, text messages and social media brought news and changes to my life.

The dynamics of my family has changed as well as friendships for one reason or another.

For most of my life I enjoyed taking photos especially of family, friends and wildlife. I have now lost interest in doing that. Feeding and watching birds as well as taking photos of them and sharing them on my blog for 15 years brought me joy, but I no longer enjoy that.

My life in general is now so changed that I feel like I am going to need to start all over. What does one do at 82 years old when so much they loved and enjoyed is no longer around?

Some days I wish I could move but I know that is not possible and where would I move to anyway that I would be happy living there. Other days I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and a home I feel safe and comfortable in. Most of my neighbors are nice and we have lived here for many years but some of them make me feel uncomfortable.

One thing I am really struggling with is trust. So much has happened that where trust was no problem with me before now has become a real issue. I am praying about that and working on being able to trust people again.

With all the negative that has come into my life I can still see positive and many blessing every day. Some days it is a struggle though to find those blessings among all the negative, but I will never stop looking wherever I need to to see them because I know they are there.

My brother and his family sent me a beautiful peace lily plant when my daughter passed away. That inspired me to once again after many years to have some house plants. I added four more plants so far and I am enjoying taking care of them.

I still feel lost though with not knowing what else to do to fill the time that I spent on past hobbies.

Getting out and about is not something I enjoy. After living a very active life before retirement I prefer and enjoy staying home most of the time now. I love blogging but right now something to blog about has not come to mind. I do hope I can once again begin thinking about something to post on my blog. Reading posts of blogs I follow I enjoy very much and want to continue doing that.

Since mid-July I have had bouts of being in the dumps. I’ve done some reading and watched movies during those times. Watching movies that brought many tears I think has helped bring me out of the dumps. I’ve done some cleaning and culling around the house, and I am feeling better.

I am thankful for my sister who chats with me on Skype what a blessing she is and I love her more than words can express.  I am also thankful for all my blog friends who have encouraged and helped me not knowing it through what you post on your blog.

Hopefully now that I have posted what was on my heart it will be a beginning to my posting again. Love and hugs to all.