Bittersweet Summer

June and July brought hot temperatures and humidity with little to no rain. I woke to rain this morning, what a blessing that was. I pray all others that need rain badly will soon get some. On one of the hottest days a katydid stayed on the door under an awning all day long. It didn’t move at all even when I opened and closed the door several times. I was happy to have provided a shady place for him or her.


If you read my last blog post, you know that on the 13th of July, I had to have a much-loved oak tree that was diseased removed from my yard.

July 17th my next to the youngest daughter left this life for the next. She was the third of my children that have gone before me.

I am sorry I have not visited your blogs for a while. I did stop by some blogs this morning and I hope to get caught up soon. I may not comment for a while yet but will read your posts.

August has started off well and I am looking forward to fall. I am thankful for the blessings from family, friends, and the people I do not know or never will during the days and weeks that were not easy to get through.

Had to say Goodbye

One of the reasons I chose to live where I do is because there are many beautiful trees not only in my area but in the state. We lost a few trees in our yard due to wind or ice storms. The ones remaining in the yard are beautiful no matter the season.

Summer season
Beautiful autumn colors
Another autumn

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to a beautiful oak tree that stood proudly in the backyard for 50 years. It had issues and could have fallen on my home and the neighbor’s home. I will miss the tree very much as will the birds and squirrels but sometimes we just have to say goodbye for the safety of all.

50-year-old oak tree July 13, 2022

I am both sad and happy. I am sad it is gone but relieved I no longer have to be concerned that it could have fallen and done a lot of damage and possibly taken lives.