When it is sizzling out there

When it is sizzling hot outside it is not easy to find a place to chill out and cool off.

Under the carport worked in the early morning.
The fence rail worked for a while in the early afternoon.
This little one found a rock that was damp and in the shade. That was the best place of all.

My sweet little Chancy Man starts panting by the time he gets down the steps in to the backyard. I feel sorry for him, he so wants to stay out and walk around the yard, but with the awful heat he comes right back inside.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who are working outside and all the wildlife. I hope we see some cooler weather soon and this is not a sign that we will have an extremely hot summer.

Where do they go?

Every spring there are several baby robins at my place. One year they hatched and fledged from the nest under one of the window awnings. Two years in a row they hatched from a nest under the carport. The second year under the carport they did not live to fledge, crows stole them. The robins have not built their nests where I can see them since that year.

I was fortunate enough to get some photos from the first year under the carport. They are not the best photos I have ever taken but I am glad to have them. The mom and dad watched over them and took turns feeding them.

They had four little ones and I enjoyed watching them several times a day every day until they all fledged.

Flapping those little wings getting them ready to fly. They were so cute.

Last night we had storms that brought heavy rain, wind, and hail. Some parts of the state had golf ball and baseball sized hail. My area had marble to quarter size that lasted several minutes. The ground was covered with layered hail stones. I could not help but think about the birds that are nesting now. How do they stay safe and protect their babies in weather like that? Where do the birds go for protection? I don’t see how they could survive in a nest in a tree with weather like we had last night.

There have not been very many birds at the feeders so far today. I hope there were not birds or other wildlife killed by that terrible hail.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who have property damage from tornadoes, wind, hail, fires, snowstorms, and flooding. Still more storms to come tonight and tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers will be with all people and wildlife.