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What a mess

Some say it can’t be done…others say it can be done. It seems no one in Washington has a clue how to have a impeachment trial when a President is no longer in office. From what I hear they don’t even know who is supposed to preside over the trial if one can be had. […]

Today it takes a song

Sometimes the words of a song can say what is on my mind better than I can, that is one of the many reasons I love music. The words to the song on the video below express my thoughts and feelings today very well.

Hoping for more positive

Our weather has been beautiful the last few days. It has been really enjoyable to be out in the yard, soaking up sunshine and getting some chores done. There was nothing depressing outside, no commercials and no negative news. I enjoyed a nice drive and a talk with a neighbor, she on her porch and […]

Words People Say

Words I am hearing people say… “It is hard to believe so many people we know have this horrible virus.” “More and more people we know are contracting the virus.” Well, it is not hard for me to believe. For months people have been ignoring the fact that we need to stay home if possible, […]


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