Decisions and Working

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When there are difficult decisions to make I do a lot of work and praying.

As I was thinking about the decision that needs to be made and the work I was doing in the yard, it was not easy to find something to be thankful for.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 it says…In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I didn’t feel thankful for the heavy growth that had grown over and on the fence from the surrounding yards. I didn’t feel thankful that the neighbors don’t keep their vines and trees from growing on and over my fence and that I had to get rid of them.

The next day though I did find things in that situation I am thankful for.

I am thankful that at my age (I am old) I am still able to get out and cut all that stuff off the fence, get exercise and burn calories doing it.

I am thankful I did not stick myself with stickers and thorns that was on some of the vines. Knowing how painful it is to be stuck with thorns brought me to think about Jesus. There is no way we can come close to knowing how painful it was when they placed the crown of thorns on his head. All of the pain we suffer, comes nowhere near the pain He suffered for us. I had only one boo-boo, I pinched my hand with the clippers, not bad for me considering my record for making boo-boos as I work…I am thankful for that too.

I am thankful I had the tools to get the work done and that I did not have to pay to have it done.

I am thankful the Lord gave me the strength and ability to get it done.

And I am very thankful that I do not have to chop wood.

We are so blessed.

It Just Makes No Sense

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Can someone explain to me where it would make sense how two groups of people can claim to be reading the same Bible, but understand it in totally opposite ways.

The last four years I have learned more about politics than I ever thought I would. I have also learned a lot about some people that profess to be “Christians” yet they are saying terrible things about people they don’t agree with. In some cases they are telling just plain ole lies.

When I read the Bible I do not find anywhere that tells us we should say terrible things about people or lie about them. I have been astonished to see that some people I have known for years and gone to church with, even some family members and some friends are among those that are doing those terrible things.

Jesus set an example of how we are to treat others and I don’t find lying about them or saying mean, ugly and belittling things about them anywhere in the Bible. If you have read it there, please tell me where.

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