Precious Patches

Everyone who knows me knows that I love animals. Except for a few short periods there have always been one or more animals living with me/us. Lately I have not been able to think of something to post about so I decided to share stories of some of the animals that have been the most memorable.

For many years we were fostering animals for the local humane society and taking in those that found their way to our home one way or another. Where we lived during those years and still live, at first was mostly wooded area and people would dump cats and dogs so a lot of them found their way to our home.

This is Patches she was attached to me and was a very sweet cat. She would sometimes sit on my husband’s lap until I sat down then she would come running and jump in my lap. She could be in another room sleeping and somehow know when I sat down. She would sit in my lap, turn facing me, stretch her body up my chest so that her head touched my chin and sleep that way until I needed to get up.

My husband read the bible and the newspaper once or twice every day until dementia robbed him of those pleasures. Patches always read with him.

Bible reading

Patches got along with every child and every animal that we had through out her lifetime. She was a sweetheart, and I will never stop missing her.

Newspaper reading.
Crossword puzzle working

Every morning after breakfast while my husband read the newspaper, I worked the crossword puzzle. Patches would be there with me overseeing. When I finished the puzzle, she would go back to the newspaper and sit with my husband until he was finished reading, and it was TV time for him.

Liver and kidney failure took her. She was an adult when she came to us, so we had no idea her age. She was with us for several years.

Precious Patches was one of a kind, so gentle and sweet.