Swingin’ or Rockin’

It doesn’t really matter which I end up in, I love them both.

Porch swing or a swing in the yard. Where the swing is doesn’t matter. If I am at a park with swings I can’t resist swinging. I could swing for hours just listening to the birds sing and enjoying the sounds of nature.

Some of my fondest memories of me with my grandfather is swinging in a porch swing with him, watching and listening to the birds.

When it is not swinging kind of weather, I really enjoy rocking in a rocking chair. I loved rocking my babies and grand-babies when they were young enough to rock.

Life to me would be incomplete without a swing and rocking chair. Are you a swinger or a rocker or both?

If you have not heard the song Patio Prunings mentioned and I thought of when I posted this you can hear it below if you wish to.