Sweet Funny Hoolie

Hoolie was found hopping around in a field near our home. No one claimed him so we took him in. I always suspected he was one of the bunnies that was purchased at Easter time and when he was grown was tossed out. It makes me sad that people get bunnies and chicks and like them until they are grown then they don’t want them anymore.

Relaxing in his pen.
Hoolie and PoohGirl hanging out together
Playing with a box of stencils.
Looking under the bed for Patches, they played together a lot.
One of the cats was sleeping Hoolie was trying to get them to play with him
He loved to sling that bag around until all the balls rolled out of it.
His favorite toy, he would toss them in the air over and over until he tired of it and went to other things.

All the kids were grown up and out on their own except for one of the girls. We had so much fun with Hoolie he was a real hoot.

He and the four cats got along very well, but he and Patches were like best friends, they played hide-n-seek every day and chased each other around the house. Hoolie had the run of the house during the day but slept in his pen at night. One of the funniest things we saw Hoolie and Patches do was that he used the cats litter box and Patches used Hoolie’s.

They gave us tons of laughs.

Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? I have and I will never forget the sound. The cats and Hoolie were in the playroom, I was in the living room. I heard a loud, high-pitched scream like I had never heard before. Hoolie had somehow gotten one of his hind legs caught in a stand-alone hamster wheel. He was hopping in circles screaming with all his might and banging the wheel on the floor. It took me a while to catch him and get his leg out. After freeing him he went hopping off and back to playing like nothing ever happened. He was not injured. I made sure he could not get to that wheel again.

That sweet bunny spent many hours playing with my great-grandson and the cats. He was well loved by us all. We are thankful for the time we had with him. It was sad for some time not hearing that little sweetie hopping all through the house. He will always be missed he brought a lot of joy to us.

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