Never Again

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Every Presidential election year in the past I have been excited about and looked forward to voting and watching the returns…not this year and I hope to never see another one like this one.

I will vote and I am encouraging others to vote…more people must vote this November than ever before. We have a choice to vote for better things for our country or to make it worse than it has become under the present Washington crowd, I refuse to call them leaders. If we had leaders or more to show some backbone up there the country would not be in such a mess. I do have respect for Senator Mitt Romney, he was not afraid to show he had some backbone when he was the lone Republican vote to impeach Trump. He has spoken out for the right thing at least one other time I know of. I pray he is blessed for showing he is not afraid to stand up and speak out for the right thing when he feels something is wrong.

We not only need a President, but many more in the crowd up there need to be replaced, they either are doing nothing for the good of the country or they have been there way too long. They are mostly serving themselves, not giving a thought to the people that voted them in to office and were expecting them to work on their behalf.

I am so tired of hearing lies and ugly name calling, from a lot of Republicans and some Democrats. I have always been a registered Democrat and for the first time ever I am hurt and embarrassed by what some of the Democrats are saying and doing, it is way more than mud slinging like I have seen and heard in the past, it is horrible and some is just plain evil.

A rant was called for so I ranted here. Now I feel a tiny bit better…rant over. Feel free to comment if you have something to say that would help you feel better.

Money and Politics

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In my opinion there is too much money involved in our elections. The cities I have lived in, the local politicians did not have to be rich to run for office…why can it not be the same with our Presidents, Senators, and Congress members? It does not seem fair to we the people for only the ones with a lot of money are able to run for office.

If I had my way…

Anyone could run for whatever political office they chose to and we the people could vote for whomever we believed could do the best for our country.

There would be no Electoral College…anyone and hopefully everyone eligible to vote would vote and the person with the most votes would win the election. I have heard the arguments as to why the Electoral College is more fair and do not agree with them.

There would be no careers as politicians, there would be term limits for every political office.

Every elected official would be in office to work for the better good of our country and not to get rich while in office.

And what would make me real happy is if we had NO political parties.

I dream big and one never knows if and when their dreams could possibly come true.