A Word or Thought

Photo by Ian Panelo on Pexels.com

Sometimes a word or thought will come to mind and just won’t go away until something is done about it…so I will post my thoughts on the subject of “change” and see if the word gets out of my head.

Thinking on this word all morning long I have thought of some changes I like and enjoy and some I don’t.

Season changes I enjoy, but for ice and storms that come with some of them.

Getting change when I pay for a purchase is always nice.

Rearranging the furniture around the house once in awhile is a change I like.

I could go on and on with the changes I do like but the main thing I wonder about is some that I don’t like and enjoy.

Anything or anyone that interferes with my daily routine or habits stresses me. Is it because of my age or do I have issues that need to be addressed?

I used to like visiting with people anytime or anywhere, but it seems now that I am retired it has to be on my terms as to when and where. Since retirement I don’t like or enjoy being around people unless I am in the mood to be. Is it because I was around and worked with a whole lot of people for many years?

What I am enjoying the most about retirement is…

Being able to go and do things only when I want to.

Enjoying peace and quiet from time to time with only the sounds of nature blessing my ears.

And for the most part only being responsible for myself after being a caregiver for many years.

I am more of a spur of the moment person than a plan maker so my routines are minimal.

For me retirement is wonderful if my habits or routines are not interrupted. Should I feel bad about that?