Unexpected Beauty

The weather report for my area said 1/2 to maybe 1 inch of heavy wet snow. When I looked outside there was a beautiful surprise out there. There was about 3 inches of snow on the porch rails and it was still snowing. It was not the heavy wet kind of snow, but the beautiful snow that I love seeing.

Shrub and tree in the front yard.

All of the trees and shrubs were covered in beautiful white snow, no ice at all. It is rare to see this kind of snow in my area.

Male cardinals are always beautiful and stand out, but even more so in snow.
There were so many birds at the feeders I couldn’t keep count of them. I hung another feeder and put seed on the ground. Some of the birds were getting testy and hogging the feeders.

It was cloudy and still snowing when I took the photos so they are a bit dark.

This is the kind of snow I would not mind having in the winter. It is beautiful and melts much quicker than sleet and ice, which we get when our winters are cold enough for anything falling from the sky to freeze.

Even though I enjoyed this snow and it is beautiful I am still ready for spring. I am hoping once this cold snap passes we will be seeing full blown spring.

A mishap day

After arising from a great, restful night of sleep my day began like days I refer to as mishap days. You know those days when one discovers they have their shirt on inside out or their pants on backward.

I was dressed and ready to begin my day. A cup of coffee is pretty near the top of the list of morning activities. I was making a cup of coffee when I accidentally hit my water glass with my hand and caught it before it fell from the counter, thankfully it was empty. When something like that happens early in the morning my day usually has a few more mishaps.

When I saw the sun shining, which I had not seen for several days, I was thrilled and so far, no more mishaps.

We did not get snow where I live, we had sleet then freezing rain and more sleet on top of that. The temperature has been in the teens and twenties. Today the thermometer on the porch has been in the thirties and forties. I was able to get out and break up the ice and sleet from the front porch and steps.

I am glad to see the warmer weather and the sun to help melt the ice and sleet. But what I am most glad about is that spring is getting nearer day by day. I am ready to not see any more of this.

Ice on hydrangea

I am ready to see these beautiful iris pants.

Iris in the back yard

And plants when beautiful butterflies are on them doing what they do.

Butterfly on canna

Come on spring I am sure ready for you. The last two winters have been way more winter than I like.

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