So thankful for the talented people

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I am so thankful for all talented people that gives us wonderful music for any situation. There is music to uplift our spirits. Music to help us have a good cry when we need one. Music to get us up dancing or just moving around. Music to recall wonderful memories that may have faded into the background of our mind. Even music to help us feel better when we are ill.

Music has helped to bring me through some dark times and times that I wondered if it would ever get better. It has also helped me get housework done I can really get some cleaning done with good music going. Music has also helped me through many other times, especially those times that only God could make lemonade from the lemons.

There are many genres of which I like most of them. I never have a problem finding the genre I need to go to to meet the need I have at any given time. You can find lots of music in my home, some on CD, on tape, on flash drives, in the cloud, on my computer and subscriptions online.

I love and appreciate music and I am so thankful that there are so many talented people that bring to us wonderful music in different forms and genres, bless them all.

My favorite music is Country, but mostly from the early years, most of the new country is not my favorite, although I do like some of it especially the singers. My favorites in all the genres that I like comes from the 50’s through the 80’s.

Do you listen to a lot of music? What is your favorite music?